All time discount codes

As most of us try to save money to have more money to spend on more parts it’s always good to know some discount codes.
I would like to keep the long time discount codes in the main post.
If vendors want to offer a limited discount code they happily invited to comment below with the time period the discount code is valid :wink:
Also if somebody has affiliate links and hope to get supported by the community than you welcome to share than here as well (please not millions of Amazon links :wink: that doesn’t count)

Let’s get it started:

ATB shop




And to get things rolling I tag @torqueboards and @Trampa as biggest vendors I know of and already here in the forum.
Maybe you guys have a small forum early bird discount for us? Free piece of chocolate with the next order already would be something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice! Gonna pick up a set of Matrix 2’s now with that -15%.


Do they already sell them with metal base plate?
Should be release today :sweat_smile:

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I see them, $89 a piece or $99 assembled.

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Now I see them too.
Thought they sell the base plate only cheaper.
That’s a bummer :roll_eyes:

I’m toying with the idea of those mighty good looking 9” megastars

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Stoked the MBS discount worked, thanks!


I’m not seeing them just the ones with the plastic baseplate

They were up for like 2 hours. either sold or removed.

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2 Likes - fill cart first then use this link to expose the coupon field, otherwise it does not show

Code: ‘esk8 3% off’


It’s only working for nkon eu side?

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No it works for both the parent domain and the eu sub-domain, but you need to alter the link accordingly

So I guess the Ruska one should work too. It equates to about free shipping if buying 50+ cells


Ever discount is better than no at all :point_up::sweat_smile:

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@DerelictRobot you think there is a changes to get a tiny discount code from Hoyt?


I’m catching up with them next week, I shall see what I can do.

Anything in particular you guys are interested in? Wheels?

The Midnight Pucks are still in the works I think.


From my side i‘m super interested in the new puck version but I think for most a general discount code would be nice.


Well son if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves. Utter nonsense :smile:

Ok it’s a free sandwich and coffee, I’ll take it since they are pretty much the only battery vendor to use apart from Fogstar wholesale (deal time only)

Oooh oohh I know …the lil pocket rocket motors would be sweet to get a group buy or a discount …

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