[ALL SOLD/TRADED] [US] Selling All Kind of Drives and Wheels, Raptor Hubs, Hummie V4, TB DD, Mad hub, popocas, purple Cag, 110

Selling these off because I bought too many things to try out and no enough decks in the market to complete artisanal build. And basically I have found the best out there in the market.


  • [SOLD] Raptor 2.1 Hub Kit with extra baseplate (($400$300, OG price $580)
    • lightly used ~150miles, comes with extra sleeves
    • pros: powerful and comfortable ride
    • cons: avg urethane, inefficient
    • reason for selling - see cons

*[SOLD] Rare Hummie V4 hubs ($450)

  • lightly used ~200miles, comes with slightly used baseplate, new Centrax wheels at the front
  • pros: best hub on the planet, wide CP, great ABEC formula urethane, 83mm wheels
  • cons: 83mm wheels, 75kv tops at 30 with 12S, no sensor
  • reason for selling - had @hummie made me custom 85kv that are superior.


Madhub 90mm 75 or 135 kv ($300$250 W/POPOCA)

  • barely used, experimented with them, comes with front trucks, with 4x 90mm popocas and 2x extra sleeves
  • pros: decently powerful hubs, @rey8801 Direct Drive Upgrade, cheaper
  • cons: wheel sleeve more durable than Raptor but less grip and need to break them in
  • reason for selling - i have better stuff
  • SPECIAL: bought them 135kv but I can re-terminate them to 75 kv

  • TorqueBoard Direct Drive 4WD 90KV ($1100$1000W/ TB110):
    • barely used ~20 miles on one pair of drives, comes with both sets of ABEC and KEGEL adapters
    • pros: 90kv 4wd for maximum speed and torque, made by @torqueboards quality drives
    • cons: need to use them with big wheels, 107s and 110, maybe boas if you can even find them
    • reason for selling - realized I dont like big wheels also no long have a vision to use them
    • OPTIONS: you can get two front trucks from TB for $179 and split the price with someone


*[SOLD] Purple Caguamas ($50)

  • NEW
  • Shitty Chinese clone 83 flywheel. (Free you pay for shipping, get them out of my sight)
  • TorqueBoard 110 ($100)
    • preferably sell with TB DD since they are already on them.
    • 10 miles on 2 of them

Random stuff:

  • a pair of super old Torqueboard 6374 with cut motor shaft ($100 for both)
    • need replacement shaft and better magnet glue

  • Marc’s mount with aluminum idlers and crossbar 168mm cross bar WITHOUT hanger clamp (paid $150, now $100)
    • originally planned for SR 200mm pressfit but a bit short to clear SR pivot cup

If that’s tb110’s in a set of 4 for $100 i call first dibs. Id like em shipped to Sydney 2156 Australia :australia: thankya

wait shipping not included. let me edit. and take pictures

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yeah im happy to pay for shipping as long as it isn’t $40938726372 dollarydoos

enertion this ain’t :rofl:


:joy: you’re forgetting shipping from san Francisco to Sydney will be close to this


yup cc

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could you check out how much it is please? if it works out to like $130usd I’m happy with that

i’ll check the usps price book.

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thanking you sincerely

Australia Group 6, wheels fits in medium flat rate box

$82.20!? am i reading that right?

yes you are not blind. first class probably takes a month

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I’ll dm you. it’ll be easier than filling this thread

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Are the Popocas you had in one of the pictures for sale? If yes how much? I think I read somewhere that your wanting to sell a set so that’s why I’m asking.

some nice boas you got there. :smirk: are those for sale???

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Get in line buckaroo :rofl:

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@M.Hboards I realized I only have 4 Popocas and Madhubs is better sold as a set with front wheels. So moved those Popocas into MadHub combo deal. If you find someone that doesn’t want the Popocas with the MadHubs, you guys can split it.

No lol :stuck_out_tongue:

That is how you present your wares, candidly and clearly

I wish you fast sales and happy trails