AE Board K1 Cheetah Deck Swap

The tech specs on this machine are pretty remarkable for the price point.

It’s a 39”x9.5” deck

I’m curious what y’all’s thoughts are on a good candidate for a deck swap?

I just want a fun commuter board that’s light and easy to mall grab so no need for pneumatics, but I’d like the option to still do their 110mm wheels:

Thanks for the help!


I believe those honeycomb wheels wear out fast. But wow, RKP direct drive from China! Haven’t seen that before.

Anyway, that enclosure looks way too big to be good for a deck swap. I bet there are better and cheaper boards as well that would suit your needs. I’m not an expert when it comes to prebuilts, so I’ll let someone else recommend some boards to look at.

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14S4P battery :eyes:


Whoa what I’ve never seen that before on a china board, I wonder what ESC it is

Maybe the hobbywing v4 can take higher than 12s

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those wheels seemed good value until you see that is for 2!



They look like the same wheels that Beastboard uses

Not as comfortable as they look, they’re pretty hard

Yup, they’re the beast board wheels.

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I know right!?

I LOVED my bustin sportster v2 but the lack of wheel options really bummed me out. No idea where I could find more power in a lightweight board than this without spending $1500+ on a DIY.

Yeah this does appear to be pretty powerful for that price point. I don’t know where else youd find that much power that cheape but I’m sure you could find a deck to fit it. I’m not good at knowing many deck sizes but that bustin you.mentioned wouldnt work? I’ve got a five foot sector nine deck that would just love to get those guts underneath it lol.

“powerful” is arguable. I doubt it has much pep, but could be wrong.

They are only 25r cells after all


I wish on the Bustin. It’s only 35” long…

Yeah it’s incredibly tempting to try. Heck a battery and enclosure alone is gonna cost you $500-600 after shipping.

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But if you aren’t trying to break land speed records and want to carve and not feel like you’re carrying a lawn mower up and down the stairs… its pretty interesting!

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Any alternative you’d recommend that are abec core?

Ya and the price isn’t awful. The rest of the build quality is unknown though.

Discovery core cloudwheels are quite nice. I haven’t ridden urethane much lately

Obviously ABEC wheels are always an option, I feel like more people ride kegel nowadays

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I totally agree.

They offer these in their shop. Might be an option??

I’ve heard great things about ONSRA’s rubber wheels.

Those look like they might be kinda hard too but idk, never seen them

The Onsra wheels I’ve also heard are great, but allegedly suck up battery. I just got a set for testing so I’ll know in a month or so when I get around to doing that review


Yeah powerful 2as stretching it. But 14s4p sounds like it’s got potential at the very least. But the clouds are definitely cool I’m just prone to go for my 107s every time though. And im strangely salty that it does seem kegels are getting all the love lately.

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Cool! What’s your YouTube handle??

I know right?? What’s the deal with that. Have you experimented with the MBS all-terrain wheels at all?

I don’t see any info on Kegal of Abec compatibility.