Advice on bms and esc options

I’m building my first battery pack, 12s4p, and wondering what you guys are using for bms’s and esc’s. They’re morr $$$ than I thought, especially esc’s. I’m be saving for them n getting close. Doors a charge only bms mean you’ve got to watch it n make sure it doesn’t over chatge? No, right? Why would you want a discharge one? Looking for vendor options for both Vesc n bms.

For BMSs, charge only means it will handle all the charging and balancing (plug and play), but there’s nothing limiting the use of the battery which means you can overdrain it (over current or under voltage) if you don’t set the ESC properly

I’d recommend DALY red waterproof of LTT smart with Bluetooth, both offer a 15a or 20a that’s very small

For ESCs you get what you pay for, if you buy cheap or off brand you’ll probably pay that cost later…buy once and cry once

Most of this info is widely available through the search function, but here’s a quick synapsis.

Charge only BMS means the BMS is only dealing with charging. It won’t overcharge, it’ll charge perfectly well. The discharge comes directly from the battery and is not limited or governed by the bms. An LLT or Daly BMS are the go-tos.

Makerx has some great budget escs, but you’ll need a loop key/antispark power switch to turn it on and off.

thanks! I’ve been looking at the daly (kinda sucks to pay the shipping from england over here but so it goes) and a focbox tenka n may go this way. the tenka seems to be able to do everything a stormcore would do, also just read about the spintend esc which seems another good option?

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thanks, I have been doing sooo much reading and research on here and thank everyone for the many threads of advice and tech knowledge, but I just thought I’d ask the question to confirm. I’m figuring that I can’t go wrong putting a heat sink in my enclosure?

really, why? good to know!

Well, depends on how heavy you are and how hard you ride. I have heatsinks but don’t really need em.

In terms of the tenka, it’s a shit ESC and the dude behind massive stator is a scammer. No customer service either. Stormcore is much more powerful and efficient. I doubt you’ll need a heatsink for it. I’d get the stormcore, great esc if it’s in your budget.

Also, I think I’m experiencing a bad esc on my backfire zealot right now. The board totally shuts off while riding even though the battery is fully charged, check the battery and it was pulling 50 v fully charged, so must be ESC? Yesterday it shutoff after about 10 minutes of riding and the remote was telling me that the battery was dead, it wouldn’t turn on again, then went home plugged it in for a minute, it turned on and remote was now saying it’s fully charged?

word! thanks!

Could also be a bad BMS shutting off there, a loose connection in the battery, or the esc.

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More likely the bms. Which also fits in your question. The backfire board probably uses a discharge BMS which allows the bms to cut off total power. If you had a charge only bms, that wouldn’t happen as it skips everything having to do with discharging.

This allows the bms to cut off any kind of power to your board if it wishes. Even at 50km/h

This does not.

k. I’m emailing back and forth with the company right now to try and figure it out and what I can do. I’ve ridden the board daily for a year now, it’s been solid till this, It’s my car, and ride it daily, it easily has 2500 miles on it, the new board will be used the same way. thanks for the advice. I guess if I wanted to check the bms, I’d need to get to it and test the cells one by one making sure the voltage increases properly and at the same figure compounding upon each cell?

each cell pack…it’s a 12s2p


If you have trouble selecting your ESC.