Adding additional battery to existing setup

So I’ve got an apsuboard v5 with a 14s2p Samsung 20r battery and I found the same battery today from a different boards hop for a good price and thought if I can hook them up in parallel to theoretically double my range.
I’m just unsure if it will work out well since I already drove 250km on my current battery.
I would simply connect them via xt60 splitters and use the same charger as I’m doing now. Charging time will be double but that’s alright.

Do you have tips for me what I should look out for or if it’s even possible to hook up the new battery with an already used one.

New battery:

Any tips, guidance and experience is helpful as I’m pretty new to this except a couple bits I picked up in this forum

Thank yall in advance

Current electronics and battery

You can do that, as long as

  • the new battery is the same voltage (14S) and chemistry (li-ion, not LiFePO4) as the old battery
  • both batteries are at the same voltage (+/- 0.1V) when they are connected together
  • you leave them connected together

If all three of those are true, it should work fine.


The easiest way to get both batteries to the same voltage is to charge one battery all the way to green, then charge the other battery with the same charger, all the way to green.


OK that sounds easily doable I think I can even get a voltmeter if that’s the name to check. I was just wondering what the white cable is for coming from the battery which isn’t connected to anything

I think traditionally that’s a temp sensor comin from the bms.


Thank you do you know how the small connector for the charger is called so I can buy a splitter, can’t find it easily

Show us a photo of it.

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It’s on the pictures, the red connector coming from the battery

dupont 2p or jst rcy, i can’t remember which

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OK last but not least my battery vendor said the are going to send me a small battery display for the charge. Does it matter if I hook it up to the charging port (red connector) or to the xt60 power output to the Esc. Or is there another way to hook it up. Referring to the pictures above

Thanks in advance and for all the help you already provided

PS I dont know what kind of display it is but I guess a pretty generic one

No, they should both behave the same.

If you’re going to leave it connected the whole time as a battery meter, you should have it connected downstream (on the ESC side, opposite the battery side) of the loopkey/antispark/whatever, so it’s only on and drawing any power when the board is powered up, so there will be no parasitic drain on the battery, and no chance of draining the battery by leaving the meter on by accident, for example.

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That sounds reasonable, can I come back to that when I’m installing it and got a picture of the exc without that cardboard cover?

Actually it’s a really good idea since I want it on the very front of the deck facing up while I’m riding, so that would mean less cable/cable management inside the deck.

I’m really stoked how fast and comprehensive information I get here.
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