Adapting Superstar hubs to 10mm axles

Those who are using Superstars on 10mm axles, how did you do it?

I’m planning to make custom 9.525mm axles but maybe there are better solutions

Bearing adapter?
Edit, I have also used bearings that fit hub with 10mm hole.

I’ve used these bearings and bearings I got off of amazon and eBay.
Maybe @MBS could stock these bearings in the mbs store.


Trampa sell 12mm to 10mm bearing spacer. Same as they sell 12mm to 9.525mm bearing spacer, or just get the right bearings 28x10x8

16100 bearing?


I just bought 2 of those yesterday for something else… lol

They’re pretty expensive little fuckers.

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the right 16100 bearings were reasonably priced to me, the surf rodz shoulder bolt fit perfectly, and the bearings fit perfectly in the trampa wheels

nice find @Excess on a cheaper package that includes spacers


Yeah I’ve been meaning to ask mbs if he could ship them through the mbs site. Easier to get up to the $75 free shipping on that site :slight_smile: