When people say that about LY ESC boards, it makes it look like they never ridden a high end VESC based one xD

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Need more time but initial thought was these are super stable they must be tight, leaned into a carve and it felt really nice and loose. So far impressed with them. Lately Ive been riding BN 220 RKP with split angles or MBS dewedged.


I have not for any length of time. Funny how most dont want to lend their fast boards to others. Id imagine with their higher voltage they’d take the win over this but at quite a bump in price. So still a fairly compelling setup. Ive ridden a far amount of boards. Fastest probably being a repackaged type R into a hummie deck Ive had for a long time with a 12S5P P42A pack. Also ride a flux with 63100’s as my other daily driver.

I dont think this is the fastest board out there by any means but its got a leg up on most of the off the shelf competition.

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I hear ya. Its apparently their own ESC though (not that it means a world of a difference).

Both of my daily drivers are VESC 12S boards, one on a OG fox box in a flux at and one bkb xenith type r repacked into a hummie deck.

Give us a pic of the front of the remote and we can see.

If i had to guess, it looks like the newer gen HW ESC, similar to what the Ownboard Zeus Pro is using. Pretty similar specwise too, with 50A battery per ESC. If it’s really running 100A total for the 4WD spec, that’s definitely a stout production board for the money.

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Yeah the remote is, they supposedly are using "their own” esc. I have a feeling they just got a custom tune basically. Ill see if they’ll tell me exactly one or another.

The one thing they could’ve done is what spintend did, gut the lingyi remotes and transform them into their own.

Would you provide us pictures of the inside of the board?

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Im planning on it. Just got it yesterday so I gotta find some time.



Ok after a full ride on it I can full throttle it. Took a bit to get used to is all. Very powerful though. They also confirmed that it’s not a hobbywing or LY controller, it’s their own ESC.

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Now you really gotta open it.

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I wanna see it

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I got 5 bucks on a rebranded LY.


This board still feels like it is too good to be true.

Some random dudes create a brand and seemingly blows past every brand offering boards at that price point on their first board. High quality parts many of that CNCd, bigger, higher voltage battery AND their own esc?

And that at a reasonable price point?

As hyped as i am, i do get some “do a few prototypes, send them out to reviewers, get a lot of press and subsequently many orders, then never deliver and ghost.” Vibes


Talking with them I don’t get that vibe at all. They’ve also posted photos of a good amount of boards being built. Ive had a few people use my discount code so we’ll see how those go.

I took it for 15 miles this morning and used around 50% battery. Board feels good, getting used to the trucks, topped out at 31 on it today.

Looks like there are a good amount of changeable features in the advanced settings also. Im going to see if there is a way to increase top speed in Sport mode so you don’t have to go to Sport+ to get higher speeds.

Little fun in the dirt here 4WD ARES X1 OFFROAD ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD - YouTube

It is possible it has been in the works for a long time. Many of these companies have been working on their boards for years before the official launch. AEBoard had a 14s board over a year ago, so I imagine their stuff has been in the works for a while.

I’ve seen some pics of 20-30 boards in racks at least so it’s better than nothing, but yeah it’s a waiting game

They also have a PCB batttery with the BMS built into the PCB so I imagine that helped drop manufacturing costs a bit, it’s not vesc, and some of the other parts may be OTS too