ABS overcurrent fault on 100Dx

Just got an overcurrent fault on my 100dx running fw6.0. Using Hoyt puck, also put hot glue on all internal connections.

Board almost slid out from under me at decent speed, somehow recovered and I hear a weird noise thru my headset, checked Yours Truly app and saw the fault -


Everything is setup properly following lacroixs recommended settings

75A motor max

-70A brake max

150A absolute max current

Fault stop time - 500ms

other info

-was at 81% duty cycle at the fault

-Cant even check the exact motor current at the time of the fault as theres a small skip in the data/map when i try to check

doubt that this affected it but its worth noting ive been having a small issue with 1 p-group, i added some more welds yesterday to try and fix it before replacing the whole group. the battery was static balancing while I was riding (was trying to balance it overnight) currently at a 10-40mv delta -

I don’t understand how i hit a overcurrent fault i barely pull 73A on take off. This was at speed, probably 3-4 seconds after take off. Battery is P42A 18S6P

Not sure what other settings to check as i followed the recommended settings. My other lonestar running the same 100dx so far has run with no issues.

So far I was told to turn on ‘Slow ABS Current Limit’

Should I apply these to my lacroix that hasn’t experienced issues? I really dont want this happening again.

That’ll fix it . you should always have that on.


Anything else i need to check for that should have been turned on when setting up? Never even once heard this setting mentioned

I had a several over current faults with my 100dx during detection. Beyond fw 6.0 setting abs max current to 90a I don’t know what caused them. That can’t explain all of the times since a couple of them i checked reset to default settings.

Fw 6.0 or the 100dx seems a bit flaky. I’m hoping there’s improvements in the next fw?

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This is my very first issue with the esc, my 100dx’s have been perfect thus far. not sure if it’s the fault of the controller, or setup/me not enabling slow abs current limit.

i’ve done detection close to 10 times across both controllers and was fine each time


esk8 wouldn’t be where it is today without vesc project, but it’s also kinda shitty in that we are all beta testers for every new release.

IMO it’s really dangerous that 6.0 got released with slow abs turned off as the default when you run esk8 detection. It didn’t used to be like that so I don’t understand the change.


You should se this to 200

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Also make sure the setting for “slow and over current” or whatever it’s called is ON


I think 6.0 for stormcores limits you to 150a / side unless your run no limits fw


tried to but it set it at 150 each time. Ill try again via the IOS app

So far I’ve only enabled this setting. Is the ‘Fault Stop Time’ at 500ms fine?

I would also change this to like 80ms


only thing I’m not able to change is absolute max current, stays at 150

is duty cycle limit start at 85% ok?

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Both of those are good/standard/safe settings.

lacroix told me this. are they saying to not enable the slow abs current limit?

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Sure reads that way. @Arch @Blasto @Deodand can you guys comment on this?

I have had problems when Slow ABS current is disabled, that go away when it’s enabled, so I do not understand the guidance lacroix is providing you.


This exactly where I’m at, I had an ABS overcurrent fault on my 60D+, looked around, saw that slow ABS current should be enabled and changed that. No more overcurrent fault. (Tentatively at least, today was my second ride as of changing the setting and I haven’t experienced it since)


Did anything change in 6.0 that would cause these faults?


The default changed in 6.0 to “slow abs current limit” = off

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asked lacroix to confirm and they told me ‘Best to keep the Slow ABS Current Limit true so it can filter any random current spikes.’

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What does Lacroix say we should use as our motor current max? If its 75A that’s pretty weak for the price.

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