A Look At Surf Rodz: Spacers, Axles and Bearings

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As a lot of you know, one of my drug dealers… I mean skate hardware vendors… Psychotiller, has bamboozled me into a rather massive Surf Rodz addiction. I’m a huge fan. PT’s mounts are incredible and never fail. That, coupled with precision quality trucks, makes it easy to see why I like them so much.

I’ve spent some time figuring out spacers and bearings for Surf Rodz trucks (both RKP & TKP since both use multiple lengths of 10mm axles). This doesn’t take into account that you get spacers with the axles when you purchase them from SR directly, Psychotiller also includes spacers with his SR truck kits as well. I just found myself in a circumstance where I needed axles and spacers and bearings as I had he trucks but none of the aforementioned parts. This post contains the results of that research.


Let’s start with spacers. With an 80mm axle you will need 30mm of total spacer for the correct fit for each axle. You will also need a 10mm spacer between the bearings in each wheel. After searching, this is what I have found to be available and quickly sourced as of late last year.

Surf Rodz 10mm x 10mm spacer Kit
$16.00 pack of 4, $4.00 each

Khiro 10mm x 10mm Longboard Skateboard Bearing Spacer
$5.95 pack of x4, $1.48 each

aluminumspacers.com 10.2mm ID x 16mm OD x 10mm Long Aluminum Spacer
$1.27 each

aluminumspacers.com 10.2mm ID x 16mm OD x 30mm Long Aluminum Spacer
$1.37 each

The Surf Rodz spacers are solid and beefy, good spacers to use but very expensive per piece. The Khiro spacers are usable but the OD is less than that of the SR spacers and generally don’t look as good or feel as solid. The ones from aluminumspacers.com are as solid as the SR spacers and much less expensive.

Here’s a cost breakdown for a complete build using a set of Surf Rodz trucks, assuming 80mm axles (subtract a single 10mm spacer per axle if using 70mm axles).

The least expensive method is to use four 30mm and four 10mm spacers from aluminumspacers.com:

410.2mm ID x 16mm OD x 10mm Long Aluminum Spacer$1.27$5.08
410.2mm ID x 16mm OD x 30mm Long Aluminum Spacer$1.37$5.48 $10.56

The next less expensive option is using Khiro 10×10 spacers.

16Khiro 10mm x 10mm Longboard Skateboard Bearing Spacer$1.48$23.68$23.68

The most expensive is using SR 10x10mm spacers (as in ridiculously expensive).

16Surf Rodz 10mm x 10mm spacer Kit$4.00$64.00$64.00


I am not a fan of the bearings that Surf Rodz sells. The first set I got from them are still going strong. The second and third sets had defects. One set was slightly larger than 22mm OD so press fitting was difficult and resulted in a lot of rolling resistance. A couple out of the other set did not roll well from the start. So I went on a search for 10 x 22 x 6mm bearings, this is what I found.

Surf Rodz 10MM Bearings (AA3-130-A1)
$10.00 for a set of 8 bearings + shipping

FastEddy 10x22x6 Rubber Sealed Bearing 6900-2RS
$9.99 for a set of 10 bearings + $2.99 shipping

10 Pcs 6900Z 10 x 22 x 6mm Single Row Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearings J5M7
$3.27 for a set of 10 bearings + Free shipping

Here’s the cost breakdown.

8Surf Rodz 10MM Bearings (AA3-130-A1)$1.25$10.00
8FastEddy 10x22x6 Rubber Sealed Bearing 6900-2RS$0.99$7.92
8Chinese MGF 6900Z 10 x 22 x 6mm Single Row Sealed Bearings$0.33$2.64

Regarding quality, I’ve already covered the SR bearings. The FastEddy bearings were the best quality and I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now with no issues. The Chinese MFG bearings are surprisingly good. I don’t mind a sealed bearing, a lot of people do because the resistance is slightly higher. I did a WH test between the 2 sets and there was no discernable difference, the calculated value showed .014 WH per mile usage more on the Chinese MFG bearings, but that is well within the margin of error as no ride is ever completely the same.

These aren’t all of the 22x10x6mm bearings that are available, but they are the ones I could get my hands on quickly and weren’t aircraft grade at $60 each.

Axles and fine tuning spacers

Another, less expensive name for precision truck axles is “shoulder bolt.” Calling them axles and placing them in a longboard context immediately jacks up the price. If you’re looking for not-very-well kept industry secrets, that’s a good one. Here are a couple less expensive decent quality options:

10mm x 100mm Shoulder Bolt – Length M8-1.25, Class 12.9, Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Head

10mm x 80mm Shoulder Bolt – Length x M8-1.25, Class 12.9 Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Head

Additionally, sometimes you need to really dial the alignment in one millimeter at a time. Here’s some cheap 1mm spacers for getting that fit perfect:

16mm OD 10mm ID 1mm Thick Copper Flat Washers

In closing, I hope this little bit of research will help with your decision on whether or not to buy Surf Rodz trucks. They are arguably the best precision quality truck for esk8 on the market, especially within their particular price range.

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@mmaner Great write up. I love the spacers and shoulder bolt links as if you get the surfrodz second hand you can easily and cheaply upgrade the axels and spacers.


Nice one @mmaner. Yeah we need all the info in that thread from ‘the other place’

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Thanks for the footwork as always @mmaner

I’m going to get onboard the SR bandwagon I think, just jumped in on @lrdesigns mounts, of course I have nothing else. SR seems to ignore EU folk & I missed the BF 30% deal anyway, so it look like I will have to hit up sickboards and build on the cheap from the ground up.

Here is my contribution from sickboards


Buy Spacers 10mm (for 10mm axle) at the longboard shop in The Hague, Netherlands

Check out our huge collection Brandless online or in the store (The Hague). 100 days return, free shipping € 100

Price: USD 3.68

from reading above I think 4 spacers for each corner is required

Just tested delivered bolt, the 10mm shoulder nicely goes into the hanger and makes a nice popping sound on the way out meaning the tolernance is nice and snug without being tight

The pitch, whatever is correct

Edit: linked product no longer sold, alternative here


US $18.0 |5 Pieces M8 Threaded 10 x 80mm 12.9 Grade Alloy Steel Hexagon Socket…

Picture of these AliExpress bolts fitted

Seems about the same dimensions and 4 bolts, save a couple of bucks


US $12.01 9% OFF|4pcs M10 Threaded 13*20mm 12.9 Grade Alloy Steel Hexagon Socket…

The most important measurement which SR leave out for obvious reasons is the thickness of the smooth (shouldered) part of the bolt 3/8" maybes? 3/8 = ~9.5mm so not really.

My calipers say it is 9.28mm width, needs to be exact to avoid any slop of course. My bet is the smooth part of a SR kingpin is 9.2mm

All regular aftermarket kingpins have a shoulder of 10mm with a M8 threaded part just like the axle bolts linked off this thread.

So far unless someone really inventive can come up with something, then it seems SR kingpins are the only fitting part, I guess with a lathe you could cut regular kingpins down but I no have


thanks for the update post! this is exactly why we have this forum.


I have a company I have been in contact with that has steel and Silicon Nitride bearings in the Surfrodz size. @b264 has been testing a set of the hybrid 608 heavy contact in his snowy commute. On the website they are very expensive but I get a pretty good discount on them and they come out to be around the price of the bones swiss L2’s price. Unfortunately they do not have the heavy contact in the surfrodz size but they have the light contact. From what he has told me as of a month ago he has had 2 steel fail and one was starting to make the sound when they start to fail but the silicon nitride bearings have been going strong.

I will extend the same deal that I gave Brian with any of you guys.

Here are the links to each of the bearings that would fit the surf rodz so you can check out all the nerdy specs
Hybrid Bearings

Steel Bearings


Possible replacements for these €58 extensions(€14.5 ea)

The item below is not 12.9 hardened steel but still steel & designed to be used for a power tool, untested and no idea if suitable or even safe so use at own risk.

Shorter option is 50mm as opposed to the 20mm SR offer. Maybe could be used in tandem with a shorter axle bolt.



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Sorry to bump an old thread! Anyone using dickyho’s new wheel pulley with surf rodz trucks? I’m trying to find a bearing with an outside diameter of 24mm but still works with the SR 10mm axle.

Any recommendations?

MR2410-2RS Radial Ball Bearing Double Sealed Bore Dia. 10mm OD 24mm Width 7mm https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IPSYHJY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_K8WVDb7DX6Y38



I’ll give that one a try. Thanks man!

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Did those work out?

Yeah they worked perfectly.

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Anyone been able to find ceramic deep-groove bearings for 10mm axles? I can find ceramic, and I can find deep-groove, but not both. Should i just purchase ceramic ones, assuming they’re probably deep-groove?

I suppose these ones branded for skating are legit…


I tend to not use ceramic as, in my experience, they break down faster and more dramatically than steel bearings.


Not the new ceramics called silicon nitride… these are shatter proof of course, they don’t come cheap, but I tithing they are priced somewhere in between the normal ceramic and stainless steel bearings

Silicon nitride is the answer to all our motor bearings needs. I’m rooting for this undiscovered industry within the skate community - only a matter of time before it catches on.

Spend £150 on bearings or spend £20 and change them every season?

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Yeah I found plenty those on ebay. Think I’ll give them a chance. ~£30

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Awesome, you’ll be pleasantly surprised - can’t wait for your feedback! I got a tonne of those for a song (by mass vendor mistake from which they closed the entry down immediately after), but will have to limit testing because the seals on them are quite rubbish (there’s like a small gap which dirt can get in). The weird thing is there’s no lubricant! I have a feeling the cage in which the balls sit in will fail long before the balls do if dirt stuffs it up.


Interesting thread. I got ~600 miles on Seismic Tekton Ceramic bearings before they broke, Fast Eddy Steel bearings seem ok after ~700 miles. Is there anything better for long lasting bearings that are a trusted brand for eSk8?

On analog skate I got ~2,500 miles with Zealous Steel bearings on a Loaded Dervish before replacing with another pair that currently has ~1,500 miles on them, and 1,500 miles with Zealous on a Loaded Dervish Sama. Obviously push is different than eSk8, just trying to get a feel for this.

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