$99 Hoyt St. Midnight Puck - It's Here!

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If I were to tell you that the next Tesla model was going to be half the price of this year’s and have the exact same performance, you’d probably call me a liar. However, this year’s Puck Remote, the “Midnight Puck” from the guys at Hoyt St. in Portland, Oregon is going to be just that. According to Jeff Johnson, Co-Founder of Hoyt. St., the name was coined by Andrew (@DerelictRobot), a beloved member of the Esk8 community who happens to live in Portland. We came across a picture of one of the prototype models and reached out to Mr. Johnson to get details. I’ll start you off with the one of the most important: the new remote will be the exact same in function and form as the original. That means you get the same internals, the same functionality, the same epic feel, and essentially the same machine but with a new stealthy look and a significantly smaller dent in your wallet.

It Won’t Break the Bank

You probably didn’t know about it, but now you do. It’s on the way, and it’s only a slight derivation of the original Hoyt St. Puck Remote that we reviewed last December. The original passed all of the tests with flying colors but one: price. The bamboo remote retails for nearly $200, inherently pricing out most of the market. This means that for those of you that want a solid, reliable, durable beast of a thumb-roller remote, you’ve been out of luck until now. The new remote is set to have a retail price of just $99. Insanity!

Image credit to @DerelictRobot

It’s Almost Here

If you want your dream remote for the new affordable price, you don’t have to wait very long. The remote is said to hit the market around June, although there has been no word on whether or not pre-orders will be available.

What are the differences?

The only difference between the Midnight Puck and the original is that this new iteration will have an injection molded nylon shell, rather than the CnC’d bamboo that we have now. Although scuffs and marks may show differently over time, the new version will be stealthier, cheaper, and again have all of the same functionality.

Image credit to www.hoytskate.com

Has it Been Tested Yet?

Right now it’s still in the prototype stage, and it is being tested in the Portland area by Hoyt St. and a few others. We don’t know yet what the difference between the nylon shell and bamboo means for the remote over time, however with Hoyt St. you can be sure that its durable as hell.

Image credit to @DerelictRobot
-Note: the thumb roller will be the same as the original, this is just a prototype


Love this remote! I was about to message or email them asking when it would be available after using it on my holypro city cruiser.

That was a repair. @DerelictRobot dropped/crashed the remote but needed if for race day, so he put a milspec hall sensor thumb trigger in it to get it back running.


Do I read a group buy inbetween the lines :thinking::joy:


Group buy for Midnight Puck & DR Mod


I’m not sure they can go much lower than $99, so I don’t see a group buy in order.

My mod was last minute, and required a lot of jbweld to fill in the 10mm gap + hot air rework to remove the potentiometer from the original wheel. It’s also a $75 hall effect thumbwheel module so it ends up making it pretty spendy. I’ll be making the thumbwheel available individually once I get the OSRR project off the ground, so you guys can go nuts on modding other remotes of you want, it should be able to replace any of the existing remote’s potentiometer like I did on my FrankenPuck.


Maybe, but they also don’t ship out of US for now, so if there is a good interest we could set up a gb for EU and surrounding members


Great article, Ben!


I gotta scrounge up some money for one of these. It looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for the write up.

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Is it comfortable to hold in the hand though? Can’t imagine having a tight grip on a hockey puck :thinking:


$99? Get the puck outta here!

Nice write-up, thanks for heads-up, oh the wallet carnage


@DerelictRobot the next time you clumsily drop your remote, can you link in where to buy the milspec upgrade and how to fashion it in there if modded ?

@Skunk can you make sure he drops his remote again, cheers


The short answer is yes, lots and lots of yes


So I’ve been asked this a few times, it’s not that easy unfortunately. This is from a DOD contracted flight controls manufacturer and they have decent MOQs to get them spec’d right for this application. They’re also hard to get a hold of despite them being local to me (I’m still waiting on my quote for the OSRR beta), and pretty much the only reason I have samples is because I insisted on showing up at their facilities, hah. I was allowed into the front lobby only, because they’ve got all sorts of confidential projects going on.

My OSRR is intended to be serviceable, so I’ll make individual thumbwheels available for sale at cost to people who want to mod things or DIY. They specifically said they don’t sell to individuals so I’m trying to respect that and not put them on blast.


Oh I can definitely help out with that, just trying to set expectations that they are already reducing the price by $90, so this is the GB price.

Full disclosure- I do not work for Hoyt St Electric or receive any compensation for recommending their products, they’re just local friends of mine in Portland that I help out with testing.


Export restrictions notwithstanding.

Andrew does not ship milspec to N.Korea or Iran at this moment in time


Thanks, I am definitely going to get in on the $99, very happy by this sizeable chunk off RRP


Girl, everybody got a price. :wink:


Any updates on this? I just built my second board and to let others ride it I had to switch to a nano x. I rode out with the nano x but man do I hate it. I need another puck.

They posted an update on insta

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