80100 controller/ESC?

Hey guys, I’m midway through my 4WD Kaly build with 80100 motor and I realized the controllers I plan to use may not be able to push my motors to their full potential.

What controllers are you guys running on your 80100 builds? (Points for semi affordable options) ??


You could use the 200A FSESC6, Flipsky single ESCs (not the duals) have proven to be pretty reliable


I have a Freefly Arc200, but it’s discontinued now :cry: it could do 150A with good heatsinking and up to 200A total. Was 299$.
I am also looking for alternatives in the medium term. Natural choice would be VESC 6+, although it can only do 100A with very good cooling. 75/300 is a bit expensive. There are other capable controllers in that price range, but nothing that can compete with the Arc200 price/performance.


Not sure about this one, but they do have a DIY PCB version



I hope you got some with temp sensors.
If you push them to there limits than they get really hot. Like melting winding isolation hot.

I think you could get a good success with the maytech 6.6. They run really cool at 100A bat max.
But they have a small duty cycle issue, so I would recommend to use them only with ppm remotes.


These look like they could be promising, but not something I would gamble on at that price

Can you push the motors to their potential? Are you planning on doing a lot of towing?


What motors are planing to use?

Can’t confirm. Maybe they fixed it.

You should wait for the NeoBox 20S. It will be responsable priced and perhaps the best option to use all the power of those huge motors.


Maybe, but how you checked it?

Yes, I tow a lot. I often find myself off roading with no trails as well. Dirt jumps, tall brush etc…

This will be my 3rd 4wd off road board. I know what I’m getting into…


Thanks for the tip. I am using APS 180kv sensored motors. I haven’t used these in the past but I’ve heard of quality issues from previous owners. I plan to battle harden them though

Yeah that’s not a bad idea.
I made the same with my 8085s.
Have an eye on the windings as well. I had some pretty lose and decide to fill up the stator as well with epoxy.
If that’s the aps than they might have only hall sensors, but no temp sensor, as min that’s how it was when I bought mine.

Edit: and having one two big bearings on hand is never bad. I needed to change one of mine after the first ride.

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That’s a good idea. You run 2wd right? I would hope they would run cooler with 4 motors. I’ve maxed out the potential of 6380 motors, I need more!

Are there other motors in that scale that you would recommend?

I run 4x 8085 170kV because I had already 2 8085 and with etoxx adapter I can’t fit 80100 motors next to each other unfortunately.
Wouldn’t recommend them.
Go 80100 or bust. 180kV is good, 200 seem to lose some torque as min on 2WD.

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When did you buy your motors? Mine came with NSK bearings and the windings treated, as well as well glued magnets. The website said they updated the bearings at some point.

Mine are nsk as well.
I bought two from aps end of last year and two from china directly just like one month ago.
Didn’t needed to change the bearings on the latest ones yet, but building quality wasn’t really good on either of them.
The magnets sure glued with epoxy, but in my opinion it’s way too less and they also don’t have an retaining ring.

Do you have some pics of your build? I have some 80100s coming in as well I am putting on some Kaly trucks. Hopefully they will fit! Sounds like I am good to go.


Ok, thanks for the info. Mine are also a year old, directly from APS. I epoxied the rotor and put clear coat on the windings anyway.

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Not yet I’m still waiting on my trampa haul to arrive as the 9in mudpluggers are back order…

But I can sum up what the build will be.

Kaly XL50 deck and enclosure
4x APS 80100 motors 180kv
12s12p 40t (split inside enclosure and top mount )
Mega star hubs with 9in mudplugger tires
Etoxx gear drive 80mm motor 10:50 x4
Etoxx axle extenders
Trampa infinity trucks

Still tbd : remote and esc’s


Where does one purchase a kaly deck and enclosure? I couldn’t find it on their website