7" Tire options

Trampa has their 7" Innova inline tires and 6.5" Urban Treads.

Evolve has 7" tires.

But I would rather not pick between two evils. What other options are there for 7" tires? I want 7" because they’re smaller than 8", but still large enough to fully cover the motor on some gear drives, which means you can reverse mount and not worry about picking the board up to drag it.


I know hoyt will soon release their own 7" tires, but I have no idea if it fits standard hubs.

Maybe sunmate? They’re very cheap and relatively good as far as I can tell, there’s a bunch of us trying to organise an EU group buy if you want to be added to the messages or tagged when it’s confirmed and public


Not sure how I missed those, thanks!

Here’s the US group-buy thread for others:

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Ha! Actually, I’m just organizing such a group buy directly from the Sunmate factory, shipping to Poland. There might be an option for relatively cheap shipping as I have my proxy in China (however, I do not want to promise, as I’m not sure if the group buy will go along with my primary shipping schedule).

Maybe we could join the forces? :slight_smile: