63/80 series , which one is best for diy esk8

Hi guys,

I am thinking about to build my third esk8, all the things are prepared well(focbox,12S battery, trampa truck, carbon fiber deck as recommanded.remote VX3 and other parts) What I am confused is about which motor should I choose?

There is a kind of illusion that I am bored with the 63 series, or I don’t feel the same passion as before. 63100 is worthy to try,I see some review videos on youtube, but a wide enough truck is needed.That’s not available for all my esk8.Considered about 80 series motors, 80100 83100 ,but they have big body and heavy weigh, of course not suitable for me to mount them on .

So my question is that anyone know if there any 70 series motors in the esk8 market? 70 series motors will be more compatible with many builds? I am soappreciate if anyone can recommand some of them , thanks for all your help!

Tired of the dimensions dsnt make Sense, what are you missing? Torque?


You can get 70mm inrunner if size is what matters for you.

One suggestion thou before going bigger motors because apparently the smaller ones are not strong enough:
Check your esc settings and your overall system.
Bigger motor on a small battery do not help you any better.
Same if the escs constantly overheat with proper current settings.

I‘m always surprised how much power I can get out of my 6374 motors and I tried all different sizes of motors and bigger is not always better and in most cases also not needed.


This 63mm are over kill so what is the rest of your setup?

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Play around with your gearing. Gear as low as you can to get to your desired top speed. It will also improve battery life. My trampa was geared for 42mph LMAO. I rarely go over 25 so I geared down to 28mph and battery life improved and torque is stupid so I had to turn down my vesc settings.


What type and size is yo battery? Does yo unity have a heatsink? What size wheels are yo running and whats yo gear sizes? Yo…we can help yo ass

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Would love to see some logs to verify that motors are your bottleneck. Also, are you building a mountainboard, or board for street riding?


I second this.


I am on 8/40 gearing at 50psi and weigh 65 kilos. I get 8-9wh/km on 8 inch pnuemetics. lol I used to run 165mm trampa treads at 80psi and got 6wh/km :joy:


Sounds to me like he’s running a focbox on 12s so 25amps x2. Nowhere near maxing out a 6355 or 6374. He needs a speed controller that has mo amps

14/40on 80mm wheels 170KV caps out just over 22mph proberbly geared a little low but I’m ok with more acclamation. I don’t like going over 25nph on any of my boards

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What’s your wh/mile?

6-12 depending on my mood most of my journeys have a lot of stop start and weaving so normally 10 ish because I don’t ride conservatively

Edit that’s per a kilometre not a mile


Is that really the max amp a focbox can sustain? That seems awfully low doesn’t it?

More just leads to faster thermal throttle. This is the setting that @b264 recommends. Get a heatsink and try bumping it up.

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That’s only max for VESC 4.12

FOCBOXes (1.3, 1.6, 1.7) can do more

But of course if you don’t need more, then running less battery current can be more reliable and less likely to break and provide more range and battery longevity, so I would still set the FOCBOX at 25A battery max unless/until the time you need more.

What can you go up to using focbox on mtb with an external heatsink? Maybe 60amps ?

No, they can do 80 motor amps no problem

With an additional heatsink, even more. People forget when scepter or deckoz or whatever ran focboxes at 13s and all that lol

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I do kinda remember those stress test on the bench. 80 amps is getting up there with the unity. I thought the unity was good for 80 amps per side.

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You can do wonders when you have an externally facing heatsink. Focbox heatsinks are pretty good too

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