6.6 plus vs 60d

Planning a new build with 12s3p/4p 40T and dual 6384s. Im stuck between the flipsky 6.6+ and the Lacroix Stormcore 60D. The Flipsky would be a hell of a lot cheaper but I’ve heard very mixed reviews for them. The Stormcore I’ve heard should be very good but I havent found any reviews on it at all. If I run between 50-60a, should I be fine with the flipsky? Or would it be worth it to upgrade to the Stormcore?


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Get this… Thank me later…


Either buy the MakerX DV6 (or one of the other offerings) or the Stormcore



Haha have you already filled its spot with something else?

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This exactly.

It’s a constant battle of what can arrive first lol


If you go with flipshit don’t take this instead or this one or the MakerX like someone else said

i’m pretty sure they are better quality and cheaper

plus you’ll most likely have almost all the Amps potential for the 6384’s (don’t go over 70 amps continuous on the 6.6+ it’ll heat up real fast and burn/kill itself down)


Dinna ken none of these, thanks for the links!

Flipshit got its name for a reason really bad quality control hit or miss if you get a working reliable one.

Some people run low current for ages no issues. others have had a nightmare geting replacements fighting claims.

If you want cheep and willing to roll a dice there grate. I prefer to no place my life on the roll of a dice :game_die: eatch to there own.


Here is a log from yesterdays riding on the Stormcore 60D… we are riding this as hard as is possible, 80wh/mile is some serious going.

Im not sure I would trust the flipsky in those conditions


Dunno about the fsesc 6.6 plus but i have the older fsesc 6.6 which is rather big compared to the newer ones.
I think it is indeed hit or miss. I personally didn’t have issues on my 12s6p 30q mountainboard with 50 bat max per side and 80 motor max/ motor. But the Fsesc 6.6 was not enclosed.
Lately i used it (in an enclosure without any cooling) on a 10s4p build , impossible to pass sensor detection, tried it sensorless and had cutouts when going full speed on minor hills, …thats the kind of shit you get with Flipsky, it’s hit or miss, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
I would go Maker X DV6 if your tight on the budget or Stormcore if you have the monnies.


why is nobody talking about this spintend? it claims 70v and the flipcoin 6.6+ fails at 50v.


It’s not the same product…?

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i get that. im just wondering why its not a solid alternative? lots of complaints about the 6.6+. this seems like a decent alternative. trolling for feedback.


Ohhh yeah the Spintend has been performing well so far, but we are still gathering data on it. There aren’t too many out there yet

The reason no one recommended it is because it hasn’t been proven as much as the other alternatives. So far I haven’t heard many issues at all though


DHL says that Spinted should be at my place tomorrow, so I’ll be able to test it in the next weeks, I have also received 2x ZESC units today, and boy those look amazing…

When you think that a couple of months ago there were none decent ESCs on the market other than Trampa… Then neoBOX fiasco, I am glad we have options nowdays… Torqueboards is around the corner of releasing their version soon…

So, good time to be alive for ESC purchasing :smiley:


The two ESCs are hardly comparable. Just buy the storm-core.

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Go for flipsky

yes really, they are awesome.

For a good arm massager.


Here’s a log of DUAL FSESC 6.6 with 80100 motors :

ZERO issue with this particular dual ESC.

Yet, I wouldn’t take the ones with integrated antisparks.