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6.6 plus vs 60d

I’ll just be the one to say it.
If you want to save money and feel safe, then just get the unity.
the only bad reviews you get are from the drama behind unity.
The unity itself is a rock and can handle some craziness!


My Unity just had one side fail after about 200 miles. My other unity had random dropout issues out of the box.

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Contact the DVR wizard.
He fixed one of mine I have 6 of them.

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Stay away from Flipsky ESC it is trash, they don’t last. Even the other one you mention is a rip of Foxbox and someone had it and their blowup on the first ride.

I just save up for a Trampa VESC! It comes with a 6 month warranty and Trampboard will take care of you and not leave you hanging if the VESC fails due to normal use and not some abuse or water damage. I’ve been in talks with David and he is a super good guy around. He took care of all my problems in the past. He told me the VESC will last year vs week or months.

With the trash one you will have to buy 2x or 3x times!

lol, so many feelings.

All of my FSESCs have been flawless.

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All? for how long? and the company support is trash I dealt with Helen directly.

Not once did I get any help with their trash ECS being under power for my 12s6p battery pack. The ESC would stall. They did get back to me after my VESC blew up 3 rides in. I sent them all my VESC setting and kept pushing Helen for answers and was told the engineer found nothing wrong, but sorry? WTF!!!

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My FSESC dual plus easily has 1000 miles on it on 12S. I’ve got 6 4.12 singles in various boards all w/ more than a couple hundred miles. I’m currently playing around with their 200A 6.6 singles and doing things that they probably don’t like. Still haven’t failed. BKB puts FS 4.20 ESCs in all of their boards.


Happy it’s working out for you, wish it was the same for everyone and when it wasn’t the company actually stood behind their product. Flipsky is not that company.

I was also told by someone who lives in China and has a youtube channel, that Flipsky doesn’t produce their own product and it’s a rebranded clone with cheaper components that I could pick up for 1/3 cost from a site that is only in Chinese and you need to pay in Yuan so blocked to outsiders! I “had” a friend who is Chinese and has an aunt who lives in China and he uses this site and uses her to buy and ship stuff to him to Canada.

So no real engineers at Flipsky, this explains why Helen never let me speak directly to one and then came up with some BS oh they don’t speak English. So I got pissed and said what is stopping your from taking my questions and VESC settings and getting me answers?

I think she said made shit up to save face!

Yeah, that’s all knowledge that is readily available if you’re willing to search for it. Flipsky works with HGLTECH to distribute for YONGITECH, which you can get directly off TAOBOA if you’re savvy. The problem is getting it out of China in a reasonable time and landed cost, in which case purchasing directly from alibaba/aliexpress ends up being a wash.

Sorry you had bad luck with your ESCs. You’re probably better off paying the premium for a product that comes with support.

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i got some 40T cells on hand now, could hook you up with a discount

Yes that is the site! Also that knowledge is not easily discoverable unless you’re told specifically to look for it, look out for it, only after you have problem and need to look for answer yourself does this stuff come up.

All these youtuber fan boy selling their viewers down the river suck, I just call them out now.

What is so insane about this community, they admit having to buy another one a few months down the road? I am like hell no this is not have it should be or has to be. New people watching said bs youtube reviews start to believe their hype and buy the product when it’s trash. Then when it’s blows up, as it always does (except for you for all the ones you have), the new people think it was my fault, then it’s, “oh well” I will buy another one from said trash company.

Buyers are being exploited in this esk8 community for views and subs with some really bs reviewers not helping!

You’re something else.


So far my fsesc have been flawless. I have a fsesc 4 and 6 plus.

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Zesc warrior 6

As much as I appreciate how much transparent work went into the ZESC project, unless you have any experience with it on hand, I wouldnt recommend it. Especially not until we have a stable VESC FW with no temp filtering bugs and braking at max duty cycle.

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Let me please help you. You said:

I just want readers to know this beef is coming from me, “not you”, fair enough?. I am sure about my experiences. I added yours for context as the opposite voice, out of courtesy.

I don’t make stuff up just because. So if that was a back-handed insult from you, then whatever.

Everything I said is based on facts. I got emails with Flipsky from before my problems started. I gave you the name of the person I was talking to, Helen, I didn’t make it up.

The other stuff I said is self-evident, unless you’re new to esk8 or a born sucker. You’re not new to esk8 are you?

Are you one of those Flipsky youtube reviewers? Maybe that’s what didn’t sit well with you. Share your channel and I will tell you if you’re a standup guy.

Nothing in my reply was directed at you, unless you’re confused. Other than me adding your reply for context, what is wrong with you? If you can’t deal with people speaking with facts, saying what most people are thinking and its 100% on the level, then you have a lot of work to do.

Now you’re coming at me with your “You’re something else.” as if to both dismiss me and everything I said? Who are you, some High Priest with 1000 miles on a Flipsky ECS.

1000 miles is something like 3 months max riding for fun if you do basic math, it is nowhere impressive and I am sure you just pulled that number from your tracking logs right? but considering you have many Flipsky ESCs this number per ESC would have to be smaller, much smaller imho. Hardly a validity for solid engineering lasting years like say a Trampa VESC. Also that detail is coming directly from Trampaboards not made up by me. Told they have VESC “over” 3 years old still working, zero problems on their boards.

We good, you understand me better? I don’t tolerate bs and losing money and having yahoo hype stuff up doing a great disservice to the esk8 community while they whore for free handouts and getting pimped by resellers.

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lol, it wasn’t exactly an insult. But I think you proved my point.

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Ya got it. Hows it doin ship far?

Same remote setup?

Im listening