6.5 Inch for Pushing

Hey guys,

Since going electric still isn’t a legal option in Germany, I’m considering to upgrade my ordinary board from my 75mm orangutans to the 6.5 inch pneus from trampa.

Has anyone ever tried just pushing with those? Is that feasible?

At the very least you should get a deck with a massive drop down.

As for pushing you should be fine if you inflate them a bit higher. Look at onda boards or carver boards. Both large tires

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Try and get as narrow of a wheel to wheel distance as possible. Pushing my pneumatic deck clipped my ankles on the wheels a lot.


Thats why I wanted to sell my trampa the week i got it :smiley:

The bindings force me to not even try anymore :expressionless:

There really is no “one board to rule them all” in this field.

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Exactly, we need one small and compact, one ultra powerfull cruiser, and then at least another for MTB riding once a week haha

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The ultimate trifecta!


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Why not get some nice longboard wheels on it?


does Germany allow those motorised push poles?

I’m in Germany and I use my electric skateboard all the time, nobody seems to care. I’m in baden-wurttemburg area

Bad advice, I recall German folks from here or builders having their board confiscated by the cops. Can’t remember the names tho, but the risk still exists for now.

In France it still is chaos, till when I don’t know.


What do you mean by motorized push poles?

Definitely not going to try that. Police in my city is known to just take boards and give massive fines. Esp since the e scooter rentals are happening and people not giving a fuck.

I have pretty nice wheels and I love my board, the issue trying to solve is going over rough surfaces and reducing the vibrations for my daily commute.

Considering to get the pneus from trampa (any good alternatives?) And a drop-down board and see how that feels.


Can’t watch the video, but the thumbnail looks hilarious. Anything that’s not defined in the German Traffic Code is prohibited by default. I don’t think that’s in there :wink:

I use the skateboard in my town where I have never seen polizei, and I also push it to make it seem more normal, I have used it in the city though and that is definitely where someone would get their board taken if they are not careful.

On the topic of this (since this forum probably has a collectively better understanding than any longboarding or skate subreddit / community), what would be the best wheels for a pushboard, where you didn’t have to leave space for an empty wheel core? Specifically free-riding, not downhill or anything. I was eying Orangutang’s 75mm in-heats in the new 77a blue durometer, but maybe there’s something better. (It would make a lot of sense imo to put those in the front of builds using Kegel drive wheels)

Even on pushboards bigger wheels are better to go over pebbles, so maybe esk-8 wheels are the way to go?

In heats are pretty great for pushing. Sure not as soft as caguamas but if you’re riding a push board that isn’t dropped or drop-through, you’re gonna feel the burn on your legs with 85mm and higher IMO.

I daily drive Kegels on a very dropped board and I love it; only thing better was with Caguamas which I gave away to my friend lol.

You are speaking about the new in-heat’s, right? If so, Caguamas seem like the obvious choice for comfort + electric upgradability in the future

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Yeah I would agree with the push comfort and upgrade option to esk8 later. I’m riding the 80a inheats actually. Not sure how well the new blue ones will hold if going over the same esk8 terrain often(pebbles and what not) since the caguamas appear to chunk rather easily on the same duro

My kegels chunk a lot due to the sharp edges, but caguamas have been holding up fine, especially the blue ones on my electric.

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