∼ $500-2000 Prebuilt List

Are there any options you would add/ remove on this list when it comes to prebuilts around $500 to around $2000?

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could add the cheaper BKB duo and backfire mini

stay away from Ecomobl products imo

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I just think the battery in the cheaper one is too much of a letdown to recommend to people, specially outside of US. Shipping to Sweden from BKB is $200 and then it’s suddenly a $1300 board (if you choose cloudwheels or pneumatics) with a 10s3p battery which is just absurd imo.

The only reason I can think of for recommending Backfire mini in the mini board category right now is because of their customer support.


Seen some people swear by their products that have used their ET for a very long time without any issues and then I see some people hating on them so I’m a bit torn on that one :thinking:

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Remove eovan. their vesc settings are wack and the cells are bad compared to others in the same price range. Also they dont support parts on their older products


Hoyt EL2.1 is $1,999


Booger is $1,799


Their batteries are sub par, often poorly constructed


What are the goals here? What is included and excluded is seemingly random to me. For example, clearly, you know ownboard exists, but you’ve only included the zues pro. When I was looking at cheap prebuilt shortboards I was leaning towards the Ownboard M1. Why are you excluding that and including the meepo and tynee? I don’t expect that much from any of them, but I don’t know if you’re excluding things for a reason or just missed them.


Their boards seem so insanely expensive for their specs.
There are boards for like half their prices with the same battery packs / speed so why are they worth paying double for in your opinion? :slight_smile:

Just looking for the ones that seem like the best options in each price range, I don’t wanna include every possible board out there since that would be overwhelming.

From my point of View Meepo and Tynee seems to be better value boards since the Ownboard M1 is now like two years old and haven’t had any changes since then pretty much right?

Where does find a Verreal for even close to $750? lol Ive been perusing prebuilts the last few weeks to replace my aging fleet of 2017-18 era boards. I’m pretty stuck on a revolving choice of a 4WD Revel kit (only planning on 2WD, spare kit to lend out), Backfire Zealot, or Tynee Ultra with the 12s 10.1aH upgrade for better range.

Dont wanna derail your thread with my quest to decide on a board, but any reason you omitted the Revel kit too?

$979 - $130 with the discount code so 849 which is closer to 750 than 1000 :slight_smile:

Bc it has a way more power than all the other boards you mentioned. A proper vesc makes a hobbywing look like a toy


So does BKB Duo Type R right?
It also has a considerably higher capacity battery, higher speed etc?

Feel free to compare the fit,finish, and customer service of each.

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I mean for me Hoyt is super high end, with beautiful deck and remotes, and some premium component in it
The think about the BKB duo is that’s it’s a kit, with more traditional parts (but still great parts)

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I just wish it was like at least around 12S4P instead of 10S3P.
I mean there are 12S8P boards with pneumatics and higher top speed that are cheaper.

higher top speed without the ESC to back it up will result in very low torque and a boring ride.

You really think the Hoyt St EL 2.1 comes anywhere near the acceleration of Zeus Pro?

Yes, the zeus didn’t impress me

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