50 Euros | Pair Maytech 6369 170kv Motors EU (one motor needs work)

Story behind these, used for Max 100km, due to a really low clearance scratches appeard very fast, also because of the clearance I shattered one magnet. Fortunately all windings survived. The other motor works perfectly. Maytech sells new cans for 60usd. So you can have two working motors, I’m selling both of them for 110e plus shipping. Please PM if interested. Based in EU.


100 for both.


Im not sure scratched up motors with broken magnets are usually considered “Fairly new”.


Personal preference I guess, I can’t call them used heavy, because they are not, and I’m selling them for an adequate price.

Maybe “scraped up” or something. Not a bad price

Bump 90euros for both


Just curious but does the one with busted magnet actually work fairly normally? also are these 8mm shaft?

They both are fine, it literally just needs a new can or a magnet replacement, I’m selling them as working ones. Shafts are 8mm

I’d offer 60 for both shipped


this is not a working motor, this is lock up waiting to happen.


@mmaner I do state it needs a new can to work, fortunately the stator is fine. @monkey32 sorry, no.

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I would be explicit and say what’s wrong with it, people will figure it how to fix it based in what they have to work with or parts they can source.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but, this is not 2 working motors. This is one working motor and one damaged motor. Phrase it how you may, but this is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Good luck with selling!

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Fair enough, it’s one completely working motor and a stator without damages, but I mean it’s kinda obvious…

still have it ?

Unfortunately yes.

60 euros!!

50 euros guys! The working one is fine.