44 Demonseed aka “DemonSpeed”

Ok so trying a new kind of build thread. One that actual follows me as I build instead of a dump when she’s done/just tweaking things.

I have got my hands on probably the last NOS 2011 Rayne Demonseed in the world. I bought it off eBay all the way from Japan. It’s so clean I almost don’t want to build it… almost.

Here’s what I have:

Deck (44 rayne DS)

Trucks/wheels/tires (stooge v2’s, widened superstars, metro 155’s)

Batt (100 loose Tesla model 3 cells)

Undecided stuff:

Esc- I have two torque6’s I’m leaning towards but also have a non-blood unity on the way from @BuildKitBoards

Batt layout- currently leaning toward 12s8p but I can be persuaded otherwise. Debating if I pick up more cells and go nuts

Motors- I have two sets to chose from either some APS 200kv 6384 or 170kv 6384s (I should battleharden which ever I choose)

Enclosure- uh yeah gotta figure that out

Extra stuff- I have a metr pro and a davega I can use for this bad boy

Goals are:
40+ mph top speed
~40+ miles of real world range
I want some kinda light set up too even if its detachable with this much range I expect to go long rides - time will tell if I can stand open gears for 30+ miles haha
More nimble than my 4wd flux (not hard to do)
Something cool for the deck graphic, will prob just be racing stripes but I want it to be a looker too

I want this to be the last board I build I have been slimming and perfecting (imo) my collection over the last year and the only board from the line up I feel is missing is a “raceboard” (even tho I’m slow compared to you animals that actually race). This will likely be a long drawn out build so be patient. Calling her the “Demonspeed” because I always screwed up the Demonseed name anyway and feels appropriate for a raceboard


reserved for final pics

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For some reason I thought this was a sales thread and I would literally buy all of this… This board it’s gonna be awesome :ok_hand::ok_hand:. Have fun building!!

BoY incoming?


Let me build you a stainless steel one, could make it thinner guage than what I use, for weight reduction


I’ve been on the look out for these exact parts for awhile dunno how I found the deck got luck AF

My original idea isn’t gunna work so this could happen I’ll hit you up bro could be it I wanted red or gold woven carbon tho


yeah bro. this is gonna be awesome.

i bet this will look crazy with those trucks and wheels.

slap them on there and take some more pics for us.


incoming at some point tonight for sho :call_me_hand:

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This is gonna be epic. Missed the chance to name it SpeedSeed though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah demonspeed is great


when you are over 18 I will tell you a story on why you don’t wana call something speedseed LOL


That was Brent’s nickname in college

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Not sure what iteration of deck these are, but my local shop has demonseed completes for sale. image


Ok work is slow so @rafaelinmissouri I got yo pix early brah:

As expected she looks dope. I have to run a 1/2” rubber spacer to not hit the deck with the trucks

Other clearance potential problem is on full turn I hit front tires a little (this is with the 3links in the most “turny” setting in front and most stable setting in the rear). So with a middle setting on both I’ll prob not tap.

I could put some more holes in the deck and mount the front trucks more forward but would like to avoid that. See second pic above.

I do have a few more mm’s on the axel if I get some spacers for the front truck too:

Here’s some more general pics:


Why do the drop through cut outs look so weird? We’re they done by hand?


If they are 44’s like this one I would buy those man - those are the 2017/8? graphics which was the last run of the 44, I have a 2011. Rayne has confirmed they aren’t making the 44 again for their coming releases.

edit - just tripled checked those are 42’'s at the shop you quoted

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no idea this is from 2011 production so maybe less precision milling? dunno mounts fine/straight - I will for sure be getting those x plate thingys for final install.

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I can make you some sick ass brackets like the ones you saw in my shop. Obviously it would be custom to your build but yeah ezpz


we shall see the more I look at it the better I think it might look with a polished metal enclosure I’m going to seen something asymmetrical too the rear needs to slope/indent/ to account for the rear motor mounts/motors

So I’ll prob have more than just battery work for ya

I love a challenge


The hard part is also the little foot drops, thats why I think that it might need a carbon or composite enclosure, def not a bend that can be replicated in metal - at least not for cheap. I’ll bring it by when you are back from skiing or you can swing by my garage.

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