4 Vescs and 4 Eboosted Trampa Enclosures For Sale

Hey Everyone! great news. I currently cant pay rent due to covid (hurray!) and have to sell most of my stuff.

the list includes 4 vesc and 4 identical Eboosted enclosures.2

shown in the photo is 2 flipsky dual 6.6 escs (gen 2) 1 dual 4.20+ with antispark 1 MakerX or previously known as EbMakers 100a Vesc 6 and 1 of the enclosures. all 4 are identical but couldn’t be fit in frame 1 cat (probably not for sale)

the flipsky escs all have problems unfortunately…

the one on the left works fine, it just has a bad USB port on 1 side. all you need to do it can forward with new firmware and it works great. previously ran on 10s bldc sensored mode

the second from the left has a bad vesc on 1 side but flipsky has assured me it has something to do with a blown diode? (i dont know what that means but its on the surface and looks easy enough to fix) the other side works great. ran on 12s bldc sensorless

the 4.20 is a pretty normal little guy. he just has the common problem of a dead antispark. people have been able to solder directly to the board and bypass it. it has 4mm bullet connectors soldered onto the board as well. it was used for 8s foc sensored mode but really old firmware

the MakerX vesc is brand new but out of the box. it was something i picked up a year ago but never got around to using. its open box of course. you can buy matching ones from alibaba, ask me for a link if you need it.

the enclosures x4 are Eboosted trampa enclosures valued at $125 USD new +shipping. they are untouched, undrilled, and unscratched. the have sat wrapped in a blanket for 3 years or so.

prices OBO

dead usb 6.6 dual- $160 free shipping in the USA

cooked diode 6.6 dual- $135 free shipping

4.20 needing bypass surgery- $100 free shipping

Makerx Vesc (new)- 110 free shipping

enclosures- $110 each plus shipping

prices will be lower if you but multiple items at once according to the new shipping prices. please let me know what you want and i will ship it within 48 hours max. prices might be flexible. the cat is only for sale if the price is right. message me with want, or a reasonable offer. thanks for taking the time to read this.


You have all this stuff and this is the first time you post? Cmon man, jump in, the water’s fine!


sorry im a bit of a recluse. also, buy my stuff please.


if anyone has a best offer, let me know. im pretty desperate at this point.


Welcome to the forum over here too.


thank you


I am taking offers. is anyone interested? give me a price and we might make a deal.

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2 enclosures have been sold. im still accepting offers if anyone wants something.

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Just the standard hs11 single stack or is this the carver decks?

this one, double stacked carver. im sure it works for MTB’s as well.

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@cfelzien you should get :call_me_hand:. That package I sent ya this would accommodate


@Beafinator what’s your PayPal bud?


How much for the carver enclosure

I thought you didnt like flexy decks

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I have the stiff edition, don’t you worry.

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Thats what I told her


Don’t you worry


“That’s what she said” should of said that instead lol

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