3SK8esk8 MTN build begins: A 16s Battle Axe?

I’ve been wanting to do a three-wheeler AT board for a while. After looking through the “Pics no words” section here, I got a little jelly and stopped procrastinating. I live in Colorado, USA. We have a few hills here, and the three-wheel design climbs like a champ. It’s a great application for it. This should be a fun one when I’m done. The pics are obviously missing some vital components. They’re on the way.

I made a custom deck for the project and took a lot of pictures. I think it’s a good opportunity to make a DIY deck-making mod here in another post. If you’re interested, look forward to it within the next couple of weeks. The techniques that I used are the same for making any skate deck at home. Not just three-wheelers. This deck here was made with 7 layers of bamboo, 4 long plus three cross-cut. Four extra layers were added to the rear fork. The underside is reinforced with 8 oz fiberglass. The top with 4 oz. Glass grit is used for the grip. The forks are rockered 3/4 inch. The nose has a 30 degree kick. The length of the board has a 1/2 inch camber. It was kind of a bitch to make because of all that camber/rocker business.

The front-end and bindings are all from MTB Mountain board’s out of Colorado Spring, CO. Their stuff is pretty sick. So it was an easy decision.

The wheel is a 10 1/2 inch, 60v 1600w beast. It’s made by the same company that makes the wheel that I use for my street board. I’ve never burnt one of those motors out, and I’ve done terrible, terrible things to them. Nothing lude, but certainly terrible. I think that you could even submerge them and everything would be ok. They claim that this wheel can reach 75 mph unloaded. Reviews have it reaching 45 mph with a rider. It’ll do.

To power it I’m having a 16s6p battery engineered especially for the motor. I have to buy a small batch. So if anybody has an application for a big ol’ battery or wants to make a board with this wheel, message me. The battery and electronics will be in a custom enclosure on top of the board, between the bindings. On top of the enclosure will be a big-sexy, easy to access loop-key/killswitch. I’m actually just as excited to about making a big-sexy loop-key as I am about the entire project. Might have to make a mod about it.

The big question that I left for the end is “What magical ESC is going to control this monster?”. I’m going to try out TeamTriforceUK’s 16s 200A ESC based on VESC. I’ve got one on order. They are starting to ship this batch this month. It looks like it might be the perfect controller for the job.

Imma try out one of my custom trigger remotes to make the whole thing go, and that’s the build. I should be rolling in a month if all goes well. If you live in the Denver area or plan on visiting. Hit me up. We’ll go stomp some mountains together. Happy riding :slight_smile:


What part of Co? We have group rides every Sunday. All evehicles welcome.

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‎ 16s!


If you do go on a group ride in CO and see a guy that smells like weed with bright colored hair ( just described half of Colorado) on a mountain board, Hit him with a stick. Make sure you give him a good whack.He will burst open and scatter gummie edibles all over the place.


How well does it steer without the rear turning ability? I imagine the front has to be much looser to compensate for that.

Btw, that deck is unbelivably beautiful. The high gloss un-stained wood is amazing

This is exactly what I was dreaming of last week actually :smiley: I already started searching for parts and had a similar motor in my aliexpress cart :slight_smile: Great build @tomiboi!

My street skates turn really well. Better than just about every eskate that I’ve ridden… but this is a little different. The degree of the kick of the nose plays a big role. I think that I have it right, but I might have to increase it a little. Also, the rear wheel does add to the turning as it leans. It’s not like riding a zero degree truck in back.
Lastly, think about how dirt bikes make sharp turns. They drift the back wheel a bit to accomplish it. With the 60v motor, I’m hoping to make it so that you can do donuts all day long.


Thank you! Check out my other three-wheeler at 3SK8esk8.com and tell me what you think.

West Denver, Sloan’s Lake. I’d love to join the ride!


Will do! I love gummy bears. Are these CO-style gummy bears that we’re talking about?

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Can you link the wheel/ motor. Im very intrigued.

Cool board… 3 wheels not for me tho. But i can dig it.

@iKNOWaFATman You’ll have to try it when it’s done. You might change your mind… or at least add a three-wheeler to your quiver :slight_smile:


Absolutely love what you are doing! Question for you, I know this might seem weird, but do you think it would be possible to make a board with two of those big hub motors and run them at 12s? Sort of like a scooter, minus the handle… i understand some of the challenges of riding something like that, Especially standing on it at a full stop, but I think it’s possible and I would like to try it.

how would you mount them/trucks situation?

How would you turn?


Actually I saw your other board some time ago, but since I already have a excellent regular street eboard I had the idea of making this a MTB thing :smiley: And voila, the forum three-wheeler pioneer already made one :smiley: How is it when going outdoors?

Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes 3 wheel ftw

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Mount both of them using the same method that is used to mount the single motor. The board would need to be modified


Lean, I guess would be the only option, this is probbaly one of the biggest problems with this idea. Limited places to ride lol.

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Your turn radius would be complete ass.

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