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3D Servisas Pulleys and Janux-esk8 Pulleys

Seen a few people interested in getting there hands on the quality Fatboy Pulleys. Want to get a idea of numbers before asking them questions of MOQ order time, mixing and matching etc.

A FatBoy Wheel Pulley set, for ABEC or Kegel wheel hub. CNC machined Aluminium EN AW-6082-T651 with bearing spacer. Available in 36, 40, 44 Teeth


  • 2 x FatBoy Wheel Pulleys for Kegel or ABEC wheel hub
  • 2 x Bearings 608
  • 2x Bearing Spacers

Pleas bare in mined you need extended axles to accommodate the pulley bearing



  • ABEC Core 36T
  • Kegel Core 36T
  • ABEC Core 40T
  • Kegel Core 40T
  • ABEC Core 44T
  • Kegel Core 44T

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To Pre order pleas use link below


Why would we want 3D Servisas to change to the enertion business model?




Because some times you have to jump through hoops to get what you want. They have been honest and upfront about there not in stock and won’t be with out a active demand for them. They haven’t made stock levels up for cash flow. This topics is not about business practises there’s plenty of relevant topics for that to be talked about els were


I would change this to ABEC and Kegel for clarity.



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Add option(s) for kegel pulleys with reversed core. :slight_smile: The pins will have different diameter.

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I’m not jumping through hoops or subscribing to enertion-economics.

They’ve stocked these before, they clearly sell, there is high demand for used ones on the market, and they don’t need a group buy.

I will wait for China to clone them or maybe start the process myself if they don’t want to sell these products, which they have clearly demonstrated that they DO NOT WANT TO SELL these products.

Crowdfunding is not designed for situations like this, it’s just adding extra risks to the consumer for no benefit. It’d be a lot different if there was a benefit. Like creation of a new product by a non-established business. This is not the case here.

This is just the vendor wanting you to bankroll their business.

And it’d be foolish to be gullible enough to do that.


Then maybe selling “line tickets” for $5 each that gets you a guaranteed set before they sell-out, unless you don’t buy it within 10 days of availability – maybe that’s a better option. (obviously, you’d have to pay the balance and the line tickets could not be transferable)

Vendor gets to gauge interest - and risk to consumer is present but much lower than paying the entire overhead to run vendor’s business for them, enertion-style.


Just throwing this out there: 16/36 is an ideal ratio for anything between 100 and 110mm wheels.

Also, I have a fuckton of 16T 12mm motor pulleys for 8mm motor shafts.

I hope that helps this along.


2016 called damon, they’d like thier pulleys back.


Thats not a bad idea. Although I haven’t had many people flake after a google form response

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2016 was full of 9mm belts. This is the age of 12mm belts because 15mm belts have too much fucking rolling resistance and don’t last significantly longer than 12s yet cost way more.

so yeah lets talk about idlers and loose belts because idlers wear out both sides of your belts at once. Real genius there.

12mm belts on machined aluminum 15mm wheel pulleys are the dopest shit. been running that on boas for a while now.

and I love you.


I want to discontinue 12mm. :slight_smile:

I’ll have some 2pc pulleys in only 15mm.


wanna fight?


I’ll pull your hair!


got vasaline in it, and on my arms. they call me The Dentist


I was talking about this with Dave when I tried one of his boards and I said his 12 must break a lot faster than my 15 and he said he’s only ever broken one. So I don’t see really any benefit to the 15 except some people say there is a bit more torque but it seems not noticeable, unless anyone can say they feel a difference :man_shrugging:

If that was the case, 9mm is just as good as 12mm


belts either transfer all the torque or they break. Its not like if you widen the belt, more torque gnomes can walk across them.