3d printing requests,

I’ll do them in polycarbonate / carbon fiber and we can do a trial run and see how they perform for you. I’m printing my enclosure now so when I’m done with that I’ll do these up in cad. Thanks for the detailed drawing!


Id assume that if the width is 15mm for the spacer, the new hole for the valve would be centralised? You wouldnt want the valve offset, id think? Im not sure what other spacers do.

I’m not sure. I’ll do some homework on it and see what I can learn about them as I’m new to the esk8 world. But I’ll do some modeling send you some photos etc and then if they look good I’ll run some mock ups in cheap plastic just to see if anything needs changed and then once we get a final design I’ll use the good stuff to make the production versions.

Ya bloods worth bottling. Ill fit them later hopefully get a play in the evening. Much :heart:


I fitted these (+5/-5) today to the flux and just got back from a 20k test ride to the pub and back (lemon lime bitters)

Its certainly changed the feel of the board, a lot snappier and much sharper, it feels like im getting more from the bushing but that could just be me. Its also improved wheel bite clearance at the front. Low speed turns feel improved, went through a number of z gates that id usually have to get perfect line on but managed easily today. More aggressive steering isnt the right word but its certainly more responsive.

thanks again @glyphiks


+5 rear , -5 front ?

@Skunk , followed this


I have a good understanding of split angels. I rode downhill for years. But these really arnt anything like rkp skate trucks so i haven’t been trying to tune based on that knowledge.