3d printer setup/enclosures (keep chit chat printer setup related please)

You have an esk8? You make some custom shit for it with a printer? Does that printer look good? What enclosure (if any) did you make for it? What setup did you find looked appropriate for the space it’s in in?
Where do you keep open spools?
Just bought 2 lack tables and have an idea of what I want to design and print to make it work. But I’d love to see others ideas of a functionally/cosmetically pleasing setup. Let’s keep words and images of words at a minimum :slightly_smiling_face:


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This one

I ended up changing it myself to suit my needs though. Here’s the original. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3195402

Behind the Funtown Auto picture I use with magnets and 3d printed holders I made. There’s another printer (sla) down there too. I don’t have silica. I just use the oven at 170f for an hour and then use my tpu and other weird filaments.


5 printers and no enclosures for me. The printers running keeps it hot as balls in that room anyway.

Filament storage is 4 large tubs with thousands of desiccant packets and a hygrometer strip that changes color if exposed to too high of humidity.

Spools are becoming a reel problem though. I’ve seen them used as small storage compartments but I have a lot. This is just the last 2 months.

I wish I could grind them into black filament :sweat_smile:


I wish my place would look this clean when i’m 3D printing ahahah
Is that an ikea table with pvc pannels ?
What about the big display out of the enclosure ? How do you get both to work together ?


Here’s the Anet A8 I started off with 2 years ago before I got my Ender 3. Added 3 linear rails to make it ridged. Made it print a whole lot better instantly, without nearly as many printing artifacts. Still have the files if anyone’s still using an Anet

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No need to storage when cat lookout for Blyat

Much needed maintenance and repair, Pink for real man printer

Printer ready for battle, has ball bearings

Can use plastic bag for top seal, trash, bodies, very tactical :+1:t4:


So calibration required everytime you need it?

Edit: just saw you actually have the probe installed. How good is it?

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Welp I need to calibrate the bed every time because print is stuck too strong and I fight the hell out of it to detach the print so calibration goes through the window.

Note that I squish the nozzle against the bed and also add glue because ASA is a bitch so first layer literally fuses with bed. I just removed two connectors and had to sand away the remaining brim.

Also the probe itself is accurate but I adjustate its height manually when there is any issue (do first calibration with hottest possible bed to have steady Z height). Cause I’m dumb and forget sometimes so I auto home with everything cold and voilà out the window again…

I hate line codes :joy: so every physical setting is more accessible to me.

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It staryed as an alphawise U30pro but i feel like i changed every single component many time and spent days reconfiguring the OS
(Including briking the mother board wile teying to update it with Cura and then excavating an unused raspeberry to use it as a programator to burn back the bootloader in it)
It know works well enough, and i’m finally happy with the autoleveling
i had to cut a bed out of building cladding aluminium composit plates, and doing a lot of debbuging in order to finally make it working well.
I’ve printed much of CF infused materials and i’m inlove with the rubby tipped nozel, even if i had to declogg it many time the hard way (more effective i found is to hand torche it until it glows red and all of the impurities are consumed to ashes)

I’ll probably try to make an enclosure someday as i got frustrated over trying to print ABS for a long time, but in the between i feel like PLA+, CF PLA and TPU are more than enough for most of my applications than PETG and more rigid filaments

The big plus with this modded printer is the sound level, I replaced all the fans by bigger noctuas, the motors are totaly silent, at 40-50mm/s the only thing i’m earing is the PSU cooling (need to change that as well but it has a weird format)
That’s realy valutable when you don’t have a workshop and need to sleep in the mezzanine next to it


Heck I’d never have the patience again for that kind of stuff


Similar ikea hack and I appreciate the extra desk space under the printer. Regarding filiment storage, just store out on a shelf. No problems related to low humidity and I go through the spools quick enough I guess.


Where’s your filtration?

Don’t have one, room air.

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Finally managed to mostly finish my printer space. Last thing is a door but I’m in no rush yet


Wonder if someone could help me print out an i closure I’m from the UK just can’t get my printer working. Really struggling health wise as well be good to finish my board.
Got a file just need it printed will obviously pay of course.
Thank you.

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I wouldn’t suggest 3D printing is not the best way to make a enclosed. It’s not useing materials to its strengths.

Go to the 3d print request thread. You’ll have better luck

Ingnore the Christmas in July vibe , the octoprint RP4 mostly doing lighting, and cat head print.


I was playing with color changing vinyl (the same batch that wasn’t a very good indicator of thermal problems on my Esk8 outrunners).

The yellow, orange, and red stripes on the x,y, and z steppers are the same color changing vinyl.

Is the y nema usually that much hotter? Belt was on The tight side. I’ll check V rollers in AM. Forgot the seek thermal at work.

A curiously helpful use for a silly material.

I kinda want to put it on the print bed, so I know that it’s still hot :shushing_face:


Guys, hello. I am new here. I read some of the forum threads and came across this one. As I understand it, a lot of people make modifications to their boards on 3D printers. Why such a choice? There are other alternatives. At least, CNC machines, on which you can cut anything. Or laser machines, on which you can also make any shape.

I’m just looking for ideas for my board design right now, so I have a huge number of questions.

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