3d printed boards

Not sure this has been posted up here yet but figured I’d start a discussion. Saw a post on Reddit about www.Momentumboards.com and after checking out their website I can’t figure out if they are legit or it’s just a scam . Boards look great and very well put together but hard to believe they can sell them so cheap( for AT boards anyway) anybody have any info on these or know the builders?


I saw this on the other forum:

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I read about this recently here or on builders. May even have been a sales bomb on a seperate sales post. Sounds sketchy imo. Cheap assed batteries and what looks like vacuum formed polycarbonate enclosures. Its cheap for a reason.


it looks to be partly 3d printed and it has a range of 10 miles which is crazy at 1.7k

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Perspex mounts - get the fuck out of town.


Mr Brent B - AKA Momentum, you write a compelling self review.

Brent B
First off let me tell you about the mastermind behind this. Mr. Momentum has serious design skill when it comes to CAD design. He has all the CNC equipment to cut all the parts he designs. He dreamed up of the motor mounts, modular battery enclosures, electronics enclosures (with cooling fan mind you). When I first got my board, I could tell he spend some time piecing it together. From the custom speckled red paint job, to the Deadpool decal and perfect enclosure prints, this thing felt amazing to hold and to look at. I remember the first time I stepped on it and gave it some juice, the motors would creep so smoothly, and the acceleration was crazy. It caught me off guard for sure. The first time I hit the brakes, I eased into it and that was also smooth, yet powerful when needed, in fact I can lock the brakes up and skid the tires if I need to. My board has a battery pack capacity of about 8000mah. I know these off-road boards with big pneumatic tires are known for being inefficient, but check this out. I live in south Texas, it’s summertime, I weigh a lightweight 230lbs and am 6’ tall. This board can take me 9 miles on a casual cruise on the roads. It can take me off-road through some pretty rugged terrain. This board can take me up some serious inclines and still gain speed like no other. I’ve honestly been blown away.


The website is very unpolished which ironically makes me think it might be legit. lol

  • nam flashbacks to the Trampa site *

The motors are Keda , that’s why HK is out of stock on them. Other black motors look like cheap ones from eBay. Enclosures look 3d printed, including ESC enclosure. And no idea on ESC they are using . The mounts are over engineered and the chain tensioner is also 3d printed. The chose the cheapest trucks as well.
So imo it’s not a scam but an overpriced product that has no “innovation” like they advertise.
Somebody correct me if I’m wrong


I bashed this guy’s shit choice of build materials on that thread in retaliation for hijacking the thread from the OP. Apparently it’s the same guy… Oops.

My bashing still stands even though I deleted my comments. I wouldn’t trust my life on this. Plus my ats12 trucks snapped the other day so double no.

What makes you think the mounts are perspex? They are carbon fibre by the looks of it. What did i miss while cavorting with Dave?

Look at the clear clamp that the cf bolts to.

Also note his lovely descriptions of his products before and after I called him out.



At least he takes feedback?


Money jumped into the ATB game eh?


Does he realize “bullet proof glass” is designed to stop force in only one direction?

Also, weakest real ballistic glass STARTS at 1.25" thick. There is no 1/2" ballistic glass. I like shooting things with boom boom hand sticks.


Another scam called momentum boards


I remember those wheel guys. lol
Their grip test :joy::joy:


… should be enough to simply close that shit down and go elsewhere

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Tough group in here lol


yes we are legit. I’m just an eboard enthusiast like you and i want to make a living doing something i enjoy and support the hobby for average people who can’t afford
$2000 dollar boards. I’m not trying to get rich and i am a new name in the hobby so i dont think i’ve earned a high price tag. My boards are not meant to compete with trampa or evolve, kaly, lacroix ect so yes some components are not premium but that’s intentional. And i would appreciate some understanding its difficult to start a new business and word of mouth is a huge part of advertising, negative remarks are welcome if they are founded but i hope next time the member does they’r due diligence before posting. It is in fact bullet proof glass not Perspex which is acrylic, even 1/4 bullet proof glass is used in multiple layers to divert bullet fragments and its not directional it has the same density and hardness no matter the direction of force applied. The motor mount may be over engineered nut i’m an Engineer, They are comprised mostly of carbon fiber and a small chunk of bp glass. The batteries are samsung 25r and i felt for the amp draw needed they would be perfect. Thanks for your time guys.