3-Link Deck Recommendations

Perfectly adult response to being called out that your opinions are not fact.

Your first post on this forum in someone’s sales thread.

My response:

Was trying to be plenty nice despite your total lack of tact in your inaugural post. Resorting to name calling in a discussion has shown your ego is too fragile to take a little criticism.
Im out


Okay but you really should consider lowering your ride height lol

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I’m considering using the find out customs extension brackets on my flux to run 3links but I’m still not positive I’d be able to run 8” tires.

Anyone seen a flux with 3links and 8”?

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We are currently working on new designs and are always open to considerations.

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Anyway drama queens, the original poster was looking for deck recommendations…

We’re getting closer to being ready with this one, will be great for 3 links, max battery capacity is only 80 x 21700 cells, but its single stack :sunglasses:


I’ve read you might be repressing some llamas and kymeras. I’ve been wondering if a llama might fit the bill here also. I’ve seen a kymera with 3link but not a llama.

Any idea when those are hitting the market and possible price?

Really really nice looking. Maybe an extension could be fabricated or even just a new enclosure. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one too.

A doublestack enclosure on this would have massive battery capacity, but you’d prob need to run 8 inch wheels or fat stacks o’ riser

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I’m cool with 8s. It’s actually my preferred tire size for long range rides. Once I got my flux I was sold on that tire size. Always thought it would be too big but it provides so much comfort on 40+ Mike rides I love em.

I am really loving the new BKB tires though also. Best 6s I’ve been on personally.


I’ll see how i go with double stack, it’s not a huge push to make it happen. But SS is my focus for the time being!

Those bkb 6s look sweeeeet, good to hear they are performing well too!

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I hear ya. I’ve also thought about going with a removable top mount external pack for longer rides. I think if done right it could be pretty nice.

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