$288 Pentagram XS/ Full alloy rims/ Wide / deep dish / for sale

MBS pattern hubs on MBS pattern wheels, why wouldn’t they post it, shown working with the authentic wheels


Those that have Newbee hubs, how do you guys like them?


I have a set on my 9 inch tires, and they look awesome. I haven’t ridden them a ton but they worked great for me

Only qualm was the bearings were hard to install, but that’s not a huge deal and I think they’re fixing/fixed it.


Loving mine, great fit and finish. I’m using the 9in version here


My pulley have built in columns which can directly insert the rim to where the nuts goes in, to get better centered.


Are those just 8 inch Kendas or do they have 9 Inch option too?

Those is 200mm*75mm from kenda.


Do you have a link for those tires?

200mm*75mm from Qing Da

This is the easiest source for tubes and tires I’m aware of, ernesto, 5x each actually.

Personally I find them to be a bit shit compared to kendas, grip may be better with the larger CP, but I’ve never seen a set balance very well.

Mine are balanced pretty nicely actually. You can also get em from partsfotscooters


This is where i got my set. Haven’t had a chance to really try my set but visually they seem pretty solid, nothing too out of balance or failing to seat. They definitely seem a bit grippier than the conventional stuff, but still nowhere near as grippy as my RS 165x62 tires (but those are basically glorified racing slicks scaled down lol)

These all sold out?

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