$288 Pentagram XS/ Full alloy rims/ Wide / deep dish / for sale

Good day, fellows

Introduce to the Pentagram XS rims

$288 for the full set, after signing up!

here is the purchase link

Pentagram XS is MBS mounting pattern and shares the same bearing position with the MBS Rockstar hub.

So, basically, Those gear drives or pulleys can fit MBS rockstar, it will fit Pentagram XS too.

Hub Compatibility:

MBS truck/ Trampa truck/ Lacroix truck / Surf-rodz

Moon drive

etoxx drive

BN M1 drive

Fit any MBS styles belt Pulley :slight_smile:


  • Full CNCed by 6061-t6

  • 60mm wide, 110 Out-diameter

  • Deep dish design

Offering 2 lips

Both versions balance well with the rubber on.

Offering 2 size of bearing spacers

  • 10mm
  • 12mm

Available in Black, Gun-metal, sliver, light-blue

Specially order, please PM.
Any questions, please common below


Do these ship from AUS?

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The product page shows it all sold out. Will these be available soon? Or did I miss it…

TLDR: pre-production versions of these wheels are exceptionally difficult to use on gear drives, but it is not an issue on the final model that you can buy now. Which I HIGHLY recommend

@Ean.esk8 Are you aware that the threading on your hubs is backwards and makes it basically impossible to use these with gear drives, and also makes it very difficult to change a tire on the fly.

It seems to be an issue with the 6-8in versions because my 9-10in versions come together properly.

Good (9-10in version)

Bad (6-8in version)

If i received this, id ask for an exchange or drill out those backwards threads


This may not be affecting all of them? Who knows


This seems to be a pre-production model issue, I was not aware that the photo I saw and the reports I heard were from pre-production models.

I got all worked up about this because I really hated how the Hoover wheels went together and I was afraid that that’s how these did too.


Dm from Instagram says end of the month or first of the year


These are the 6-8in version I got, seem to be the same?


Then what the hell bro :rofl:

I saw ppl doing this to get theirs on their BN-AT’s and my heart sank, I am 100% rooting for Newbee, I want them to succeed !!



Wait I’m confused? How could a thread be backwards unless it’s CCW, which neither direction would fit? A screw should be able to go into a thread from either direction.


Unless the thread/screwhead cavity doesn’t go all the way you can fit a screw both ways

I updated my post above to reflect reality


These hubs might work on the batch 7 moon drives but not with previous batches.

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With the screws coming from the back i can see why it wouldn’t work, but why wouldn’t it works with the screws coming from the front ?
With longer screws I think it should be possible to fit the drive adapter just like with MBS wheels, or am i missing something ?

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Because if you try and bolt the wheel adaptor to the hubs you cannot access the threads on the gear hub (this is because the 6 spoke pattern on the gear hub). On batch 7 drives the wheel adaptor is “press-fit” and won’t need bolts into the wheel gear. Thats the idea anyway, to be tested.

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Looking great :+1:. Will the new gear + adapter be compatible with drives from previous batches ?

Yes, but you will need to buy new gears. £40 for a pair of adaptors and then £23 or £25 per wheel gear. Not cheap.

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I’ll be using these with belt drives, like mother nature intended.



Ew everyone kick him out

Gear drives winnnnn


My hesitation on buying before they sold out is proving to be wiser than it was lazy.

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Ship from China, cause I have moved back to China.

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Those backward mounting is our pre-production version, considering fit other gear drives, now all my rims are mounted on the front.