Thanks. What about the ones holding the box/casing on to the truck clamps?

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Depends on what clamps you have I think, not sure

the one for that go with apex airs. they use four bolts to attach to the clamp

Pretty sure the mount bolts to gearbox are the same M4x 10mm just use 4-6 of them equally spaced. Moon is away travelling atm so your better off getting from hardware store.

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Hi, looking for a source for 9T 8mm straight gear pinion or is it still possible to order them on moon eskate page ?

@Andy87 ?

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Anyone got photos of the 44 Vs 47t spur pom wheel gears?

Got 2 boards with different looking gears on (and only one spare for one board) so looking to find a spare for the second one.

I asked Andy already but he still has an Moon gear set to sell with the pinions :wink:

Can anyone confirm if batch 1-4 drives will work with Lacroix hypertrucks?

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