24s All-in-one BMS Protection Board -MKBMS

Hi guys,

Today we want to introduce to our new member -MAXKGO BMS (referred as MKBMS)

First of all, we are frankly to tell you that MKBMS is developed based on BMS open source materials. Our engineers have made a new hardware design based on the combination of DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS open source materials. Here, a special thanks to the developers of the open source DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS.

In terms of hardware, we mainly made innovations in size, circuit layout and board. We designed the circuit layout to be more compact, so that the size of the BMS is more mini, only 109X40X20mm.

MKBMS have adopted automobile-grade locks and reverse bayonet, thus hard to loosen the wires. The PCB board is made of 6-layer*2OZ=12OZ copper thickness, which has better current flow capacity.

At the same time, we have added a 6063 aluminum alloy shell of which the surface is coated with black sandblasting oxidation, achieving the function of oxidation resistance and insulation.

MKBMS have overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, balance function, temperature protection, etc.

Support batteries: support almost all lithium batteries such as lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, and lithium phosphate batteries.

In order to facilitate everyone’s use and reduce shopping processes, our BMS board will be shipped with switches, display screens, USB and other wiring accessories. You can see the following picture or browse our website for more details.

MKBMS have these BMS specifications:

LV master board and slave board 12s, 18s. They are also shipped with switches, display screens, USB and other wiring accessories. Sure, there is also 24s all-in-one board. Besides, we plan to launch all-in-one BMS 12s at the end of November.

We will continue to improve BMS in the future and sincerely welcome your suggestions and ideas to make BMS better.

Last but not least, thanks again to BMS open source. We promise to pay $5 to ENNOID BMS open source for every piece of BMS sold. Thanks for your support.

Free shipping over $59 for most country. Hope you will like MKBMS! :blush:


Holy shit. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but good job. Looks sturdier than what I’m used to seeing.
Question: are these user configurable for any series or do we have to buy specific?
Question #2: can you show inside the case? I want to see the components used under


Guessing this is run thru the Diebiems tool? Thanks but no thanks :slight_smile:

Integrate w/e functions you have into the current VESC bms branch and I’ll consider it.

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Nice! Looks solid, I do wonder though about what @linsus asked.


If you want to be really useful you should make a basic 3d model.

Suppose someone else could make it for ya.

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Thank you. May I know what kind of series referred here?


6s to 18s…most common is 10s and 12s, trend goes up to 18s and a few are brave with 20s builds, but thats the most s-count I have heard in here.

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Unfortunate events, have led us to be wary of any BMS not highly tried and true and proven worthy.

Can you show us the testing cycles that your products have been through?


Good day ,sir. Yes sure, we have a simulation scene test.

This is the test scene of another BMS, master board and 12s slave board. It’s being aging test from 2nd Nov to 18th Nov through constant charge and discharge process. It still works well now.

All of our products will experience full tests before they go to the market.

We also have some experienced friends helping us to make the relevant review. We believe you will see their reviews in the near future.

Thank you very much for the good question. :blush:


Hi Flasher, this is the photo of the 24s naked board. You may have a look. :wink:


Hi linsus, good day.
Not completely.
It’s run through MaxkGo tool while MaxkGo tool is based on open source of Diebiems and ENNOID open source.


Well, hope everyone could find their needed BMS. Cheers :beer:


A matching wife for life would be more hopeful, but bms lovers should not stand alone as well :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Thank you, Fosterqc. Sounds good. But we don’t have 3d equipment now. Maybe we will try it in the future. :kissing_heart:


Don’t need any. He means like a 3d technical drawing (like the ones you send to factory to make the parts with dimensions and components used)

We can also make it if you can give dimensions on all sides

Thank you very much! Is it enough to give the dimension of the naked board? We haven’t collected the size of all accessories yet. :joy:


Maybe? @Fosterqc is the one requesting so ask him :joy:🤷


Ok, thank you. :partying_face:


In the program I have Solidworks PCB, you can import a PCB then export it as a STEP file.

if you did that and gave me just that .step export I could throw the rest of the connectors on there from the pictures.

All that only makes sense to do if you actually make it in the market!

Thank you. Sounds good. :blush: