2020.04 revised dickyho's kegel wheel pulleys

this is for flywheels

this is for kegel wheels


The bolt recesses are a great development. Nice work!


Very nice!

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awesome. can we get just the rings for our plethora of dickyho pulleys we might already have?

edit: I see that’s what you have listed… <3

it have 38 available on my list.


Is there was difference in functionality between the 2 different 5 hole retainers?

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one is for 5mm bolts, for my current kegel pulleys.

one is for 4mm bolts, for my new kegel pulleys. (will be for sell soon, the product have been very slow during the out break)


These look really good! Well done


Great, I’ll surely order 2 of kegel ones if shipping is okay
Are you operating as normal with the virus ?
Also you got 16 teeth (or more) 10mm bore motor pulley ?

Are we able to order both the pulley + M4 bolt retainer?

The listing on Ebay currently only shows the M5 retainer, no pulley option


the shippings are not resume, because now very few airline leave china every days, shipping slow than before. but it still work.

I have 16T 10mm bore pulleys here.

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I plan to list the M4 retainer later. but if you want it, can pay the M5 one, and note for M4 one on the order.

We don’t see any pulley option available, I would take a set of pulleys and retainers off you too @dickyho

Tracking this thread now for updates

Good work!

I am out of kegel pulleys now…


Hold my Corona! :beer: Red Kegels??


I was noticed that many people are still use bolt on install pulleys, and my older design are not very good for bolt on.So I revised my kegel pulleys design. it can do well with both press fit and bolt on now.

the kegel hub is difficult to bolt on. I was thinking if use M5 bolts would be too loose, M6 too tight, can not get in. So I go back to M4. and use plastic tubes to fill the space on those hole, and the plastic tube is kind of soft, can obsorb the tolerance. this is the best bolt on solution I have so far. I tested much stable than previous design.


I just ordered a set :wink: Looking forward to trying them out!

got you order, thanks!

Ordered one too, this looks good!

Can you provide 8mm wide bearings with a 10mm bore for Evolve trucks?