2 different FSESC 6.6 ESC's - differences?

So I’ve procured 2 flipsky 6.6 FSESC’s from two different members for an upcoming build but noticed some subtle differences on the layout and the board. Check it out:

I’m guessing one’s older and one’s newer. I’m planning on running dual independent so it shouldn’t be a problem, but are there any differences here I should be aware of careful about with running these together dual?

The left one is the simplify version. It has no Anti-spark Switch. Right one is with Anti-Spark. That needs a button to be turned on.


how reliable are flipsky antisparks?

Not at all reliable


I have the right one, but I have a XT90S anyways.
Didn’t go poof yet.

Just luck of the draw. Nothing beats a loopkey


I just use both, then again i use a Jank loop key cause i thought all XT90’s were the same. I should remake my loop key with the XT90S.


Simplify has no anti spark.

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So there IS a tiny little switch on the “simplify” version. It’s not as pronounced as the other one, but it’s there.




@whaddys it’s a sensor voltage switch. Changes the voltage between 5v and 3.3v. It works alongside the 6th pin on the sensor connectors

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OO, I see, very interesting. What V do I want this set at? Do you know what V the other FSESC is set at, as there is no voltage switch on that one (or is there and I just haven’t found it)?

@whaddys You mean on the other one you have? Both have the switch at the exact same place

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Oh wait, I thought the switch on the right one was the antispark no? Are they the same switches? Is antispark just another name for a voltage switch? lol sorry

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@whaddys no they are both voltage switches.
Your antispark is not pictured. Its connection goes here

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sweet, thanks @Flasher

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If you don’t want to use the antispark in the non-simplify version, you can either bypass the mosfets directly, or do what flipsky does if you order it without a switch, and jump the common/high pin and add a 1k termination resistor to the low side if there isn’t one there already. (Look at the underside of the header solder pads, jumping the low and common pin)

that sounds complicated lol - can i just wire a loopkey and keep it in the “on position” all the time?

Are there any other differences between these two besides the anti-spark? Why would flipsky put a female xt60 on the simplify and a male xt90 on the other one? Seems silly. Maybe it just is.

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oh no ignore the XT60 the previous owner put that on there

Also you guys that switch isn’t an antispark, it’s what flipsky calls “sensor voltage” switch to flip between 5V and 3.3V (as @Flasher noted). It’s stated plainly on the flipsky website, I should’ve just checked:

No what that means, 5V to 3.3V, or what significance that has I do not know, and would love to be enlightened.