1st Battery Build (Wiring Diagram)

This is for all you Esk8 wizards! I caught the DIY bug, found this awesome forum lurking all these threads, and started to watch a ton of battery build vids.

I’m hoping I can ask for some input or comments on my wiring diagram. Any word of advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

If i can cut something out, if i got something wrong, or go down awg in my wires- let me know.

Thanks guys!!

18s-Esk8 (1).pdf (48.5 KB)

Your wires are way too big.

Have a look in here:

Most builds are good with 12AWG power wires and 20AWG charge wires. The motor phase wires are fine at 13AWG or 12AWG.

Make sure it’s finely stranded silicone insulated tinned wire. At least 700 strands for 12AWG but 1000 strands is better.

Balance wires and lighting can use 22AWG or 24AWG.


The way you’ve got it wired, you can’t turn off the lights.

It doesn’t make any sense for the battery series connections to be 10AWG but you are using 8AWG power cabling. The power wires exiting the battery should be the same size or smaller than the battery series connections. I’d recommend two 16AWG or two 14AWG wires for each series connection, and then 12AWG main power wires.

Yeah 8awg is way too big. Unless you were pulling like 200 battery amps I wouldn’t bother


Thank you very much guys! I forgot to add a switch for the lights and will scale down the wires and revise.