18T HTD5 15MM MOTOR PULLEY with 10mm bore

I can’t seem to find a motor pulley like this, if you know of a place I can purchase this id really appreciate it.


:grimacing: I saw these but also saw the delivery time, I should have mentioned it in the original post! Sorry!

The delivery time is usually 8 or 9 days for me, not the 14+ listed




I have a new set that I won’t be using. Shoot me a dm

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I have a 17T 15mm, 8mm bore if you want it. I would machine it to 10mm but I don’t have access to any 10mm reamers or drill bits. If you want, I can machine it on a mill to the next larger size which would be the imperial X drill bit (10.084mm). There is a pretty good chance it would work just fine for you. $8 shipped. This was bought from SDP-SI

EDIT - it’s a 17T not a 20T like I said earlier

i got some 15t 10mm bore (aluminum) if youre feeling more like a torque person =)

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Ah man thanks but I already have 15T, I wanna have the option to get to 35 mph again. I love that speed.


I ordered some of these 12 days ago, hopefully they show soooon

Just curious, how does the 10mm bore feel/ride different than 8mm? I would expect better torque/brakes but higher top speed??

same thats why im 2:1 on thane and 3:1 on pneumies… anything less is uncivilized =P gotta break 30 on reg.

@jack.luis I have a pair. Shoot me a pm if still interested
I can ship Friday from CA

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@whaddys bore size doesn’t matter. The shaft would just be stronger at 10mm vs 8mm.

The downside to 10mm is you can’t use a smaller size pulley. That’s why 8mm is typically the standard.

If I remember correctly 14T would be the smallest option.


Logic says it makes zero difference :blush:. The tooth count on the outside is what affects gearing.

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10mm D shapes out there somewhere?
@haggyboard.timo Haggysystem uses that and I’d like to swap out to 18t on their system
They only offer 15 T on their website :frowning:

I picked up some 19T 10mm D from this place, but it looks like out of stock for the moment

#Aliexpress £8.20 | 13 16 19 Tooth 13T 16T 19T 3M 5M D Type 8MM 10MM Belt Drive Razor EVO X-Treme IZIP 250W 360W 500W 800W 1000W Electric Scooter

Woah. I didn’t even know 10mm D shape even existed :sweat_smile:

It’s what’s on haggy.
Their system is great at a great price. But it makes any future changes tricky

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Meh. As far as I’m concerned haggy uses 8mm D shape axles. Not 10. That’s why I’m a little surprised

Unless. The non maytech motors they sold for a while in have a 10mm d shape axle that I don’t know lol

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