18650, 20700, 21700 fish paper rings [serious]

Does anyone have a source for 20700 battery fish paper rings? What about 21700 rings?

I know some folks just use the 18650 rings for 20700…


Oh if anyone has 12 rings for 21700 cells please PM me? (In the US)

€ 1,70 6%de DESCUENTO | Paquete de 20 piezas 18650 20700 21700 aisladores de batería aislamiento eléctrico adhesivo papel aislante arandela de aislamiento de papel

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Damn, shoulda chucked some in with the escs.


@thisguyhere probably has some, he’s almost finished with a second 21700 pack for me :slight_smile:

E:he does not, he uses 18650 size apparently, according to the order forum :+1:

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Liion Wholesale sells them-

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Need the same, from a German/European shop. Can’t find anything.


What? Please give us links for these magical things.

@BigBen did you find these?


Nope. Not started the Sherlock Holmes yet.


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Here they are for 18650

why is this better than just a ring? If youre going to wrap the cell bodies anyways with fishpaper

Extra protection right where the nickel folds over from the positive end.

I can’t find them for 26650 or 21700 though.

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i guess but if my nickel folds over the positive further or wider then it would be better to just wrap more layers of the whole cell body right?

As long as you get the very corner which is hard to do well when wrapping.


Not really it’s about protecting the corner parallel to the p group side.

As you can see from one of my old p groups from a couple of years ago if I used the folded nickle build type

White represents the nickle sheet. Red is we’re the nickle is toutching the cells green it’s not because of the round shape.

For me it’s all about identifying the weakest point and improving it with out going to ott.

With this p group I used normal rings as I did this

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Think mine came off eBay but I’d put money on there all from the same factory in China

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