1 board, 2 charging ports

Hi guys,

I would like to know if it makes sense to have 2 charging ports instead of 1 ?

I would like to have a charging port with XT60/90 to be able to charge at 10A/12A when I go riding, without BMS, while keeping my 4A charging port through BMS when I am at home, to charge cozily and balance the series.

I know, I could put everything through one port with a bigger/better BMS, but I will have to wait 50 days to receive it (AliExpress)

Is it possible ?

Thank you,

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Charging without BMS sounds like fucking up your battery to me.
I’m waiting for the wiser guys around here to explain more about it, you made me curious

There is nothing wrong with charging without a bms as long as you are smart about it.

Using an inline voltage meter would be a good idea so that you can monitor the charge and be sure that you don’t go over voltage.

A well built and balanced battery made from new, genuine cells should only require minimal balancing anyway.


I have been doing so with my previous 12s5p of 30q, and my 12s9p of 50e, without problem, as long as you don’t overcharge.

The question is not charging with or without BMS, the question is having 2 ports at the same time, for the same battery, but one by passing the BMS, the other one through the BMS for balancing, and how to do so ?

Don’t you have to cc at the end of your charge? You shouldn’t just feed whatever the battery wants when they are at the end of their charge. Of course that depends on the algorithm if your charger.

The answer sounds pretty straight forward and is in yur question. One charge port is basically the power lead.from the battery… The other port wires to the bms. And maybe some connectors in between to connect once closing up the case and naturally fusing both ports or atleast the non bms one for sure

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The idea in this circumstance would be not to charge to full. That would be where it starts getting risky.


One charge port is connected via bms, the other is connected directly to the battery. I don’t see an issue there :man_shrugging:


Ya seems fine to me. Most chargers have the cc/cv function. As for the how; just wire the ports in parallel from the battery.