ZOOBOMB ABEC 11 111mm wheels

First and formost these wheels are chonkers. I do not recommend using bolt in pulleys and instead using press fit for these wheels. Too many issues bolting them in and the spacer not slotting in evenly.

Now that that is out of the way these are Hoyt Zoobombs. I had been eyeing a set of these wheels for a while. I bought them a ways back and had them sitting in a box until my new press fit pulleys came in.

Normally these tires come forest green out of the box, but I went and dyed them black after I saw @glyphiks dye his own set of wheels. The lettering I did in blue solely because it was the only paint marker I had on hand.

How do these Wheels Ride?
Well is an interesting experience. These carve less than your regular ABEC wheels, so when you lean in for a deep carve the carve you actually experience far less than what you may be expecting. On the other hand they’re great for crusing since the contact patch is larger then regular abec wheels. As for the duro gummieness its about the same as blue cags from what I have to compare. This makes getting through shit streets a breeze.


Can you compare those to TB 110s?

And who on earth has Approved that green as a factory default color…



I’ve ridden both on the same board. TB110 72a rides softer, but they both feel very similar.

111 has a more squared lip that can catch road imperfection and upsets the board a bit. I’m tempted to sand that down a bit just to see how that rides.

I love the green!


I personally think the new carve feel will mess with u more than the square lip. Ive falled quite a bit now trying to go in for a deep carve and leaning in more than usual. I have yet to experience the lip catching onto cracks or debris, but i can imagine how it can be an issue.


I’m guessing…


If you’re a web developer, there is a funny joke to be found here. Anyone else, just ignore this.


Lmao that is such a genius idea I might want to name my own company one day using that naming scheme :laughing:

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I much prefer this shade of green over whatever dark forest pine shade they used :man_shrugging: