Z.mote , new esk8 remote

Hey team, I recently spent two weeks alternating between two Z-Mote controllers. Here are my two cents.


I wonder if we’ll see a revamped thumbwheel Z.mote anytime soon with improved ergonomics and better throttle throw range. That would be sweet.


Got mine coming soon. Excited to try.

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I’ve also got both the thumbwheel and the dual trigger, and I don’t think I’m going back to the thumbwheel.
This is the first trigger remote I ever have and it just feel natural, funny, also yeah you can see that the design beneficiate from more experience.


Just a reminder to make sure your remote is calibrated right BEFORE you stand on the board and touch the throttle. If its not calibrated, it will be binary…meaning you have 0% and 100%…no in-between. Have fun with your board shooting out from under you at lightspeed with the tiniest of throttle. Ask me how I know.


When running input wizard calibration it was super off so, I knew something was up lol

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I am so stoked to see the Z-mote getting into more hands.

Kaman really did something great here.


Looks like they are out of stock at Tindie

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Yeah Kamen is waiting on some parts


May have better luck emailing him. Tindie was out of stock but he got my order going through email.

New Torch trigger


He always seems to respond quickly through the Tindie messaging system.

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Can confirm, email is an effective way to communicate with Kamen.

I just received a fully clear Torch remote with the deadman switch deleted. I friggen love this thing.

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