Yzpower aliexpress Christmas sale

Yzpower having a massive Christmas sale on most chargers

I received mine in just over a week alll the way from China and they are really some of the best chargers on the market


They have all different voltages and amps

Just saying for anyone who was looking


I have this model https://www.ebay.com/itm/Waterproof-50-4V-6A-Lithium-Battery-Charger-For-12S-44-4V-Li-ion-Ebike-charger-/283494884786

No problems what so ever and not loud. I can hear it yeah but it not annoying.
I recommend YzPower chargers

Regular price is ~50US

That is just the standard price. I like btw the Wate chargers more.

€ 34,11 32% Off | 50.4 V 4A Charger 12 S 44.4 V E-Bike Li-Ion Batterij Smart Charger Lipo/LiMn2O4/LiCoO2 batterij Oplader

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Is 5.5x2.1 or 5.5x2.5 the standard barrel jack?

Charges to full 50.4v? I think my charger isn’t allowing my battery to reach 100%. Would be nice if I had one that allowed full charge.

I use always 2.1mm jacks. Due that you can also use a 2.5mm charger on that jack.


So 5.5x2.5 for the charger (male) end is always a safe bet?

What does it charge to? Are you sure your cells aren’t just out of balance and you just need to leave your battery plugged in for a day or so ?

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Open it upp i can slightly adjust the volts. Just measure it with a bolt meter and u will be all set.

Hits 50.4, stops charging drops down under 50v over some time. All p groups are .01v of each other. Not sure what leaving it in would do considering it stopped charging.

P groups only balance when the charger is plugged in at full charge

Even if no current is going through?

It balances slowly. Depending on what bms you have. The d140 bms balances at a whooping 84ma .

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I like to think of the charger connector as female since it has the hole whereas the counter-part has the pin.

As you would expect, 2.1mm pin can be inserted into a 2.5mm hole but not vice versa. Mating the 2.1 male with 2.5 female may result in sub-optimal contact so it’s not ideal but it does work.

In a nutshell, yes, getting 2.5 on the charger is your safest bet. For best results, get a 2.5 counterpart as well.

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Thanks just ordered a 16s charger :blush: