Yeahthatperson's eMBS Build - My First Build <3

Hey erbody! This is my first build! I am in LOOOOOVE!!! :smile:

I am really satisfied with it overall! I wanted something that would pickup and go where my other boards would not. This meets that need. She will climb just about anything AND she fords water! Yep!! I love her and she loves the PNW!!! YEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!

Build is on an MBS Comp 95 Classic
Trucks - MBS Matrix (Classic)
Hubs\Wheels - MBS Fivestar/Pro
Tires - MBS T1,T3, & Qino all 8"
Gearing - 15t/72t
Power - 2x 12A 6s Lipo-Graphene (12s)
Battery enclosure - Apache 1800 (HarborFreight) Has a nice carry handle too
ESC Enclosure - Pellican R40 Ruck case
ESC’s - 2x Flipsky FESC 6.6 60A
PPM - Hoyt Puck Remote (What else would i use?)
Motors - 2x Flipsky 6384
Motor Mounts - Janux Dual Drive Motor Mount System for MBS Matrix Pro II with custom x-bars for the slimmer profile of the Matrix Pro Classic trucks
Accessory power - Buck converter for 12v lighting
Lighting - Red LED for rear, 6" LED bar in the works for a head light (bracket getting cut)


  • 400w Balance charger - Home
  • The Graphene lipo packs can charge at up to 5C\70A! (I dont actually charge that hard)
  • Q8 - Mobile - w/Q8 I charge the 6s pack in a pair using XT90 & balance slitter. Depending on the need, i carry a 180w (7A charge) or a 350w (15A charge)

Range - 15-20 miles
Top Speed - 40ish!


Cool build. Have you tried the matrix 2’s to compare? I have both and not sure which ones to go with. Really like how robust the 1’s look and like the ride so far…


Wait a minute!! You’ve got like 4 boards!? Is this the first MTB you’ve built OR your first build ever?

I like them and the look. I have rode other boards with the II’s on but not enough to tell. I would imagine they are a little more stable. There is a sketchy skinny riverside dirt trail I ride and this barely fits so maybe that’s a plus

My first ever build and mountain board. I should have started building long ago. My first board was a Boosted v2. I became Seattle ambassador and became kinda brand locked. Now, not with Boosted I am a ambassador for Hoyt St. and have more freedom

From left:

  • MBS Build
  • Boosted v2 with 100mm wheels and other boosted acc
  • Boosted v2 w/stealth esc, 90mm, and other acc
  • Evolve Bamboo GTR
  • Hoyt St EL1 (Not in pic)
  • Boosted Rev (Not in pic)

one of the MANY reasons the Puck RAWKS!!!

try this with any other remote…

report back… I’ll wait…

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Ah I thought I recognised your handle. I watched some of your videos on YouTube and you did an Electric Skate podcast recently too right? I enjoy your stuff! I like how you want to build the community and be socially conscious. I think that’s the right way to do things.

Now, That you’ve built this does it make you want to tinker with your other boards? Did you find it pretty straightforward?

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yep, thats me! thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

Yeah to a degree i do… with the boosted i have so many mod accessories there is not much left to do other than tap the power so i could add batteries, but i have long range boards for that… or add led lights that i dont need to charge. but then they are not as waterproof and i could do something more fun

Hoyt i wont be modding

The Bamboo GTR… im debating… i keep burning out motors and one is fried now and they are not in stock. i have fried 6 so far… so i think i either i do:
a) Fresh grip, replace motor stock and sell
b) Fresh grip, replace both motors with better 5xxx motors
c) Replace motors, esc, controller, and battery

So IDK, I kinda want to just build another mountainboard… lol

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That’s the FIRST thing I would mod :joy:
After seeing the AWD EL1 raceboard I would be trying to replicate one of those! Except maybe straight gears instead of belt driven.

What are the chances the nice gentlemen at Hoyt Skate would build one of those to sell as special request? I live in the UK, but I could make a quick trip to Portland to pick one up and take that flight-ready pack for the trip home :grin:

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