Xena The Green Ranger - Trampa long range commuter (finished)

Meet Scott’s board, Xena. it’s a standard trampa build with a strange name complete with some reflective green tape.

Cant say I am a big fan of the green thing but it seems to be Scotts bag and that’s cool - variety is the spice of life.

So a little bit about Scott - Scott is a big lad who loves his skateboard more than anything.

He uses it to commute into and out of work in central London from the suburbs and he also likes to go on extremely long rides often posting 25 miles a day just for fun - but he wants more. After seeing how easy I can swap lithium ion lacks on my board he wants in on the action and a couple of packs making so he can ride even further and this is where I come in. He sent the board over for me to strip down and service and convert the whole thing to lithium Ion which will involve moving the vescs to the back of the board.

So let’s strip it down

If you like here is a video covering the start of the process

I noticed that the bushings have had it

And look at this gap between the hanger and base plate

So I took the hangers apart and had a look at the bushings

Yeah they have had it. Replacements have been ordered and I will clean up the base plates and install new bushings and elastomer dampers instead of springs at Scott’s request. That will sort out his squeak and handling at the same time. I did measure the base plate and hanger as I suspected they were bent initially and they are fine. Big shout out to @trampa for offering to replace them if they were bent for free.

So this is what we are left with


The battery.

So Scott wants a big battery on this thing. 12S10P to he precise. My preference would have been 2 x 12S6P packs but it’s not my money or board and Scott wants that 12S10P pack. So we will make him that giant pack. Scott ordered the cells and 120 Samsung 30Q’s arrived at my house. I would not have picked the 30Q for this build but scott likes ordering stuff and surprising me when it comes, as you will see.

Decided the best way to tackle the battery is to make 12 x 1S10P whilst I wait for the enosures to arrive from scott

Yes I know I am overkill with the welding but I have never had a pack fall apart so I dont care! :sweat_smile: this pack will probably be around 6000 welds I guess

The battery enclosure

So Scotts battery enclosure arrived yesterday and I was a little surprised…

Mainly because Scott’s biggest gripe was the monsterbox was too big and his feet rubbed the corners of it. Now I’m a pretty chill guy but I wont put my name to anything ridiculous and I wont build the battery into that enclosure. I put 60 cells in there just to see how oversized it is

When we were talking about it it didnt seem too bad but when it arrived it was a no go for me. Well I had already ordered some neon green PETG filament

This is to print the VESC case at the back but a plan formed in my mind

Yep that will work, but which way?

I will let Scott decide but I have my own preference.

If you prefer a video format you can check it out here


Def #3


More green themed boards!! Hell yea!!

Definitely go with the third configuration


Lucky guy to have an esk8 buddy tip help out.

I like the green…


So he has asked me for 4th configuration but I think 3rd is better also. Yeah nothing wrong with the green theme at all just all the reflective tape is not my bag.


Oh i didn’t realize it was reflective tape.

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I like #2…Slim…


More work done today

First of all I got the trucks apart, washed the minging bits, new bushings from trampa and elastomer installed

Also there was loads of glue and tape residue on the underside of the deck from where there were various past light installations so I scraped it off and sanded the underside of the deck and then did the same to the top, good as new! I did not go too far with this as Scott didnt ask me to do it, but I like things to be nice

Then I got the deck back together, like a blank canvas now

Also I have been doing a bit of CAD, Can you guess what it is yet?

Also I started to design the VESC6 enclosure for the back, its a little WIP at the moment but getting there


Lemme guess, is that an insert you will add in the channel to route batt wires?



I dont know if it will work, will have to see how it comes out. This is to fill the gap where the long phase wires and Sensor PCB was and will just carry power wires now. It incorporates an XT90 clamp


So it works

I got the radius wrong at the front and the angle for the XT-90 needs to be more vertical but it’s there.

Also got half the battery welded up so we have a 6S10P

Just got to get the rest of the battery finished and get the BMS out of @Tonkatron house so I can design the enclosure. Test VESC enclosure will be ready in the next day or two


Prototype VESC6 box is looking good

I have to shorten phase wires etc and test to see how the VESCs handle being in this enclosed space but aesthetically at least its there.

I have been experimenting with brass inserts and will encorporate them into this design (that’s a first for me) they seem to be very strong once the plastic has cooled.

I put an interesting shape into the cable entry

This lets me put the sensor cable through with the JST and then the heat shrunk phase wires.

It’s not the first proto, my first go was too big so I wanted to minimise the size as much as possible. I can hear @Tonkatron telling me its too small, he thinks I make all my enclosures too small :joy:

You can see here I have allowed the truck bolts to not be obstructed by the case. The case attaches by the elastomer retaining bolts and there are standoff/M4 securing holes for the VESCS.

Just about finished the battery, have been thinking about the battery case a lot and I think i have a good solution, just need to design and print a jig to hold the two 6S packs in place whilst I wire them and then i can drop the whole assembly into a 3 part enclosure I have been thinking about


It’s a bit ambitious, but I’m attempting to 3d print this massive battery enclosure I have designed from nylon and PETG.

Wish me luck!


Which one would you have chosen for a build like this?

Seeeexyyyy I wish you luck printing that. Please record all the failures and what you do to mitigate them. If you get it first try, seriously :wave::partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::bouquet::woman_student:


My battery case for my off-road board is 3D printed. so far so good! Can’t wait to see how this turns out

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Probably the samsung 35E, would have enough in P to get decent discharge current and get a bit more range.

I’ll keep you posted on the case! Going to be interesting!


I have seen some 29E for 2.09$ before shipping. Except for the capacity they have almost the same discharge. Would that be suitable for a 10P pack as well?

Things are happening

Video format, if you prefer

Also made this VESC case

Should be good, has standoffs for VESC etc and I intend to fix everything with heat fixed inserts.

The bottom section of the case came out really well, nylon, 6 walls 40% infill - still a fair amount of plastic

Middle section of the box is now printing, also nylon and another 2 day 5 hour print, fingers crossed for no power cuts!

Tomorrow is battery wiring and VESC wiring, will be glad to see the back of this tbh! Its hanging around due to work commitments in the day job taking a lot of my time