XCELL tire alternative

I’m in the process of milling my own hubs and the XCELL website says they will no longer sell their tires to folks who don’t own XCELL hubs. I’m struggling to find alternatives to the 165mm x 62mm tires. Anyone know of a comparable model for purchase? Thanks.

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Metro155s are the closest you’ll get that that size, but those are equally unobtainable.

For 8", there are qind 200x75 and their accompanying tubes.

It’s only temporarily

Supposedly, nothing goes to plan anymore :pensive:


bummer! thanks.

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175mmx72mm here you go


Those look like the ones on Aiee board

tire says 200x75 not 175

You can buy and measure it by yourself.

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Tbf it says both :rofl:


I mean. We know the size of the hub so some simple math would do. Or buy em and open a claim. Either way you end up on top :kissing:

seller said its actually 172x72Capture

Im gonna buy a set and report back


They are probably 200 once aired up lol

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I have some 7x2.5 coming soon check the website sometime :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


these look interesting.
do you have them?

Nope, but they are cheap. So sooner or later I will get them.

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they look promising…

What’s the ID on those new tires? I have some Newbee rims that would look awesome with those tires

They remind me of the 8x3 scooter tires with 135mm ID

They will work with them


Not comfortable with sharing the ID at this time? I have the 8-9 inch rims arriving today. I’m not sure what their diameter is though, will have to measure them