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XBoard Legendary

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share some details about the creation of XBoard.

Logo and color scheme:
This came about in early 2016 when I made my first DIY, a mountain board with 12S7P 6374 motor. The board needed a name, and over a glass of wine with my wife, she suggested XBoard because of my first name. Since I am French living in the US, I chose the colors blue and red to represent both countries. Voila!

I spent 2 years testing and designing Legendary. Why? Because I am a person who believes in what I see, not in theory alone. Also, I really wanted to create a board that would give me the sensation of a run on the slopes. There were a lot of modifications and trials in designing each part. I am also committed to safety, and I have created various other products/gear to promote safe riding. The details are on the website (, and I am here to answer any constructive questions. If you are interested in purchasing any accessories, message me here and I can offer a discount code. Esk8 is like family to me, and I take care of my family!
Also @jack.luis are the Xambassador


Do you have pics of the internals?


Yes, need photos of inside the enclosure and the battery construction


What truck hangers are those, and how long are they? Are the axles one piece or screw-in?

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can the jacket and shirt be machine washed?


is the enclosure made of recycled paper bags?


Why is the charger so expensive? Overall the whole board seems pretty pricey


I think it looks great dude, looks like a lot of work has gone into it.

Any chance of selling the deck alone?


For the record, I love the look of it. Those look like 3DS hangers though. Do the tube pop regularly? I feel like tire and tube selection is key to user satisfaction, and some tires eat tubes, and some tubes just don’t last.


How much does it weigh? A 45 lbs board is already a pain in the ass to carry up and down the stair at my apartment.

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This is Legen… wait for it…
Cool promo video!

Please share more details! Is X-ESC based on VESC?


If you have just the deck and enclosure for sale, it would be quite welcome here. :wink:


63100 motors on aluminium mounts without crossbar ? How do you deal with the torck bending the mounts ?


Congrats Xav, which you the best of luck with this.
Do you have plans to offer the legendary stuff in Europe?

hey guys I’ll lend some info that I know -

All hardware on this board and most of the electronics have never been put in a production board before X designed Deck, enclosure (not made out of plastic bags, its painted to look like wood grain - I’d be ok with just a black one but X is going for the natural look), trucks, mounts, pulleys, hubs, tires, and builds the batt’s.

There isn’t many if any parts of this board that are on any other production board (and not any DIY’s I can think of) on this rig.

Just saw it in person last night and I can’t say enough about how much I like the deck, thing is a work of art.

@XBoard - get in here and give the ppl what they want! haha


Looks pretty awesome will be cool to see some people test it out

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I think he’s planning on some demo rides now that the weather is getting nicer on the east coast


Looking forward to see what’s inside. Any idea if he designed the deck mold or used an existing one?

Reminds me of a hummie with better looking concave and trim.

Excited to see future iterations/color options of the gloves. They aren’t my preference aesthetically but black on black would. I’m tired of cutting the thumbs and index tips off my gloves!


I’m 90% sure it’s completely unique since he hired a ski manufacturer in france to make the deck

This is on the way