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WTT/WTB [USA] conflict-free Unity ESC or stormcore DS

I broke a Unity. I needed 4, now I have 3.

I do not want a new unity from that website. don’t you say it, ill flag and request mod censor.

happy to pay 220$ USD plus shipping for a used unity from a forum Regular. sorry new guys.

I have 2 focboxes id trade, a few new ds140 12 bms. happy to do trades and cash, …willing to rent for 3 months and pay full if broken at end of term.

I know there are better, modern ESCs. I won’t pay more than asking for something that belongs in a museum, I have a Nazare that won’t mind a 3 month stint without an ESC.

also ok with a stormcore double (60 and 100 are okay) to trade or buy. this would go in the Nazare and I’d take its unity.


@surfnacho might have one…? Idk if he sold it though


If you’re offering $220 then I’m okay for using a FSESC from now on I guess 🤷


Nods hat


if your interested can give either 2 x trampa vescs or a spintend vesc for cheap

tell me if either are any use

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i have 1 unity that im currently not using, but i guess Zach’s one would be cheaper for u, as its domestic shipping

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Shua joins the chat
: I have

The chat:

sorry mate, just kidding :rofl:


cant say i get the gif

either way not really that desperate to sell it was just offering cause i wanna see his 8 motor beast work


I didn’t get mine from the website… how can you be sure it’s not a blood? I would gladly give it up for 220…

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You can go by age, anything in use prior to Enertion dissolving is most likely safe. Mine was sitting in a build for a while before shit hit the fan so that’s how you tell

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one of mine was dated back in APR2019, not sure if that’s old enough or not, but I’ve got the enertion invoice to prove it’s “legitness” :joy: although it doesn’t mean anything nowadays

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Don’t shoot me, but I’m curious. Why do you want a unity? Is there something special about them? Is it the app? The reliability? The current output?

What is it @Arzamenable

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But there is no markings or dates or anything? Difference in hardware components?

Visually not that I know of, it’s more of a QC thing…but I’d you see a Unity that looks sloppy it’s probably a reject remarked as a Blood Unity

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If anyone wants to compare, I have one from the most recent batch from Jannoying

He sent it to me so if you want to see what is sloppy (besides the solder connections on the connectors) let me know

Isn’t cause this is for that 8 motor monstrosity. So unity is already in play for what his doing.

Oh, that may be.

Pictures or it didn’t count! Ha

Pictures of what haha the unity or him sending it to me

I posted pics of the connectors in the pictures thread a while ago, it’s right here under my desk though so I could post more after work

The giveaways you are looking for are cold solder joints on the phase and power leads, inverted components, bleeding solder and splatter, and to lesser degree crooked parts