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[WTT US] 2x FSESC 6.6 Plus w/ Heatsink for 2x new VESC based ESCs

A while ago I picked up a pair of these FSESC 6.6 Plus ESCs w/ Heatsinks for my girlfriend’s first eskate, I am looking to trade them on her behalf for something a little more reliable

At the moment both ESC are functioning in sensored FOC over CAN with both UART ports working without any issues

Her board recently bucked her and we think one of the ESCs is the culprit, so she asked me to get a replacement for them so she can have piece of mind when riding. The one suspected was repaired for a faulty CAN transceiver and sensor pad, it failed motor detection by locking rotation in detection post crash

All I am looking for is a matching pair of ESCs I can trust to not get her hurt…they don’t have to be beefy, but they do have to be safe. Maybe a pair of TB 4.12s or something would be nice, usage is not too heavy since she doesn’t use more than 30 motor amps per side

The matching pair is still in her board, will include the cover plates

Thanks for looking guys! If you got anything to offer I’d like to try working something out!


How much space do you have in the enclosure, I have a brand new Haggy dual VESC. It’s big, it’s about 6 inches wide and 10inches long.

Oof that’s big, at the moment I can just barely fit the 2 current on top of each other

well I also have a pair of the flipsky 6.6 with heatsink (no enclosure nor built in antispark) that have been going strong in my personal build for basically forever now, want those?