Wtt or sell surfrodz rkp 200mm red for tkp 177 10mm

Just seeing if anyone has a pair they want to sell before trying to deal with sr directly. In San Diego. Thanks.

They are doing free shipping for a few more days fyi


Yeah, I’ll probably just call them tomorrow but was just checking first. Thanks!

They are on vacation atm
That’s why they are doing free shipping. Nothing gets shipped until they get home

Got it. It looks to be over 150 and the trucks are only 130. But still looking. Thanks

They always do free shipping over 150.

But right now

Oh nice! I never went to check out and that isn’t on the main page. Thanks!

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Yeah they posted it on Instagram a bit ago. Weird they didn’t put it on the home page.

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Changing to selling almost new surf rodz rkp 200mm all red, or will trade for like condition sr tkp 177 in the 10mm. Thanks

Ive got a set at @sender 's place and can sell to you?

U in the EU or US?

Im in the UK. The trucks will arrive to me and I will probably sell it

Surfrodz are sold @mmaner!!!

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Might be the wrong thread @Bobby
OP is looking for tkp surfrodz

Edit ** oh i see. He offered some rkp for sale.

He’s still looking for tkp. So dont close @mmaner


@mmaner ok to close. Thanks!