WTT All Terrain Longboard Deck for Surfrodz RKP 200mm Trucks or Sensored Motors

Looking to trade my carbon fiber all terrain deck for a set of Surfrodz or a set of sensored motors, 6374 or bigger 149kv preferably.


What wheels are those?

blue caguamas

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It’s also helpful if you add your country to the listing.


my apologies, im new to the forums and still learning how to do things correctly. im not sure how to edit the post in order to add the missing information. how can i edit the post?



If you’re new to forums you can’t edit right away. Have to participate or be a member for x amount of time. Not sure what the requirement is but I wasn’t able to edit right away.

Edit: if the option isn’t unlocked maybe @xsynatic can help with editing the post.


Deck is available. The wheels are not included, deck only

Would you trade for two APS 80100 sensored outrunners for the deck trucks and wheels.

dude really looked at a 2 year old post and figured that they must still have it

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Two years is less then the statute of limitation for having an icecream cone in your back pocket in Tennessee which i assume is the reason he is selling the parts. The time immediately after release from prison is often very difficult.