(WTS) USA: Wheels, Vesc, Trucks, etc

I’m selling some of the parts that are laying around from my first build in order to fund a mountain board build. Shipping to the U.S. is included in prices. Contact me about international shipping. Everything except the pneumatic wheels has seen around 100 miles of use. Prices are negotiable. I’m in CT

MBS AT Longboard Wheels w/ 40t 15mm wide pulley - $35 or $30 without pulley

AliExpress 6x2 Pneumatic Wheels - The pulley is printed in PLA and it is a little cracked, it still works well but I wouldn’t suggest using it permanently - $45 SOLD

Flipsky FSESC 4.12 - Around 200 miles on it and it still works great - $40 SOLD

TB 218 Trucks w/ Orangatang bushings - $45 SOLD

TB 63mm Reverse Motor Mount - $40

TB 6380 Motor - Works well, but makes a clicking noise. I opened it and couldn’t tell what was wrong with it. - $60 SOLD

Nano X remote - $20 SOLD

I also have some 320mm and 345mm belts that I could sell for cheap.SOLD

Would ya sell just the 40t pulleys?

*oh it’s just one pulley. Balls

Sure. I only have one though.

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I’ll do $15 for just the 6x2 tubes and tires since they get most of the abuse, you can sell the rims/pulleys/bearings to someone else

Maybe. If no one wants the complete wheels in a few days I’ll sell just the tires and tubes.

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Wheels and vesc sale pending with me

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@Jbev Hey, I will take the TB 218mm trucks and the nano x remote.

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pls say what state you are in. :grinning:

sent pm abt the trucks.

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Just an fyi. Orangatang nipples aren’t made for caliber style trucks. Good luck with the sale. Just throwing in 2 cents I figured it out the hard way

Oh, I never knew that. I included the original bushings when I sent the trucks to @gmurad, so he should be fine.

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Still available:
TB 6380 motor
TB 63mm reverse motor mount
MBS AT wheels + 40t pulley

Got everything yesterday and everything arrived well. Thanks @Jbev.
(Shipping and duties were over $40 so I could have paid for shipping from Torqueboards which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place, but that’s my fault :man_facepalming: )

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Ouch, sorry man. The fedex estimates said it would only be $5, so i thought that it would be Ok.

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Did you check all the magnets? Interested in the motor

When I took the motor apart, all the magnets seemed to be in the right place. None of them moved at all when I tried to wiggle them. I can send a video of the motor noise when I get home. Also, once you are going over 10mph, the noise goes away.

How many 345 belts and how much to ship them all to me?

The 345 belts are all sold.

I still have the TB mount and the wheels. $20 for either one of them, or $30 for both.

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Pm’d you.

If the othee buyer falls through, I’ll take both.