[WTS][USA] new ABEC11 / Evolve F1 {Superfly} wheels [serious]

Selling one set of brand new, never ridden 107mm ABEC11 / Evolve F1 {Superfly} polyurethane longboard wheels.

$99 shipped to USA, international shipping extra SALE PENDING

If interested, leave a message in the thread (like “PMd you”) then PM me. (or just PM me if you want to remain anonymous)


maybe if i pick up this set as well it might work :smiley:

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These are still available.​

Will take these and the electrics if we can merge the shippping with the other dude in Germany

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You know @b264 is in the US? @Esk

Yes aware but someone else in Ger is buying from B264 so we want to splut shipping costs

Are u in Germany lol, I’m sure @b264 is just as confused as I am

im in Netherlands, Nextdoor, so we can sort it out EU side once shipped to ether germany or NL

Bump, these are available still

Pmd you

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@BillGordon These shipped; can be closed :smiley:

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