WTS - USA - Metroboard Aluminum Wheel Pulleys for Abec 11 83mm, 97mm, 107mm

Selling (4) Metroboard Aluminum Wheel Pulley’s for Abec11 83, 97, or 107 wheels. Just selling all four together. If you only need 2, you get 2 spares, or ability to rotate drive wheels for even wear easily. These were actually never used. Bought them and never tried them out on my 4WD. 3 of them are mint, and one has some harmless scuffs on the back.

Can be pressed into the hub of an off-the-shelf ABEC11 Flywheel with a diameter of 83 mm, 97 mm, or 107 mm. The pulley can also be rotated amongst all 4 wheels to even out the wear of the drive wheel.

36 tooth 5M-HTD for 18 mm wide belts or smaller.


Do you have the spacers for these? They come with bespoke axle spacers.

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Sorry I don’t. These didn’t come with any spacers. Bought them a la carte several years ago from Metroboard. I was going to run them with zealous bearing w/ integrated spacer. Looks like they still list them, and they just drop in off the shelf Abec


The way these work is they replace one of the wheel bearings and the custom axle spacer is needed.

Mine aren’t handy to measure — because I just moved — but maybe someone at Hoyt knows their dimensions.


Yeah, I don’t have the spacers. Want to buy these cheap for spares?

Price for 2?

$12 each and $10 ship to socal. Note that I dont have spacers with them, as b264 indicates. Didn’t come with when I got them.

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They could easily be made with used bearing inner races and maybe a few speed rings

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